• 4chan Pony Wars Over; Peace Treaty Negotiated

    Looks like the new rules for MLP have been published and finalized... They are pretty strict though.
    -Keep all MLP related content within the current largest MLP thread
    -Actually discuss the show
    -Ignore any threads speaking negatively about the show

    Do NOT:
    -Post any MLP material in any thread not explicitly about MLP (reaction images, avatars, macros, quotes, phrases such as everypony/brony/etc)
    -Post threads to speak negatively about MLP or reply to threads speaking negatively about MLP
    -Post any MLP material on other boards
    -Bump MLP threads just to keep them bumped
    -Report MLP threads where users are staying in one thread

    These rules are in place for the meantime and we'll make adjustments as we see how everything goes. Abuse will result in bans.  "

    I don't think they really realize how many mlp fans there are on /co/.  1 thread limit was possible a  few weeks ago, but these threads are capping in 30 minutes now, It's inevitable than a few will break free.  The archive won't be able to keep up. 

    >bump mlp threads just to keep them bumped

    Like that was ever an issue...

    And banning MLP reaction images elsewhere is pretty ridiculous. Half of 4chan is reaction images...

    (I had fun playing CNN today, but go make me some content to post when I get home from work tonight! Drawfriends get to work! I want to post this awesome Lyra pic!)