• Nightly Roundup #707

    Hey everyone! Cal is back from Everfree and is ready to get back in the saddle so to speak. As I promised a fan I met have some Vinyl Scratch for tonight! This one is on me Tyler!

    Check out the news we have after the break everyone.

  • Music of the Day #139

    I didn't even realize this was a Doctor Whoof crossover earlier.  How subtle!

    We have 15 songs tonight.  Head on down below the break to check them all out!

  • Flash Fiction Event #4 - SQUAWK!

    Let's face it, wings are just plain awesome.
         So, here we are, number four.  This one's going to be short and sweet, both for the description, and the announcement.  Hit the break, featherbrains!

  • Story: Grounded

    [Shipping][Slice of Life]

    Author: Whiteout
    Description: When Rainbow Dash manages to hurt herself trying a new trick, a certain farmpony takes the chance to teach her that a little time off isn't always a bad thing.

    Additional Tags: Getting hurt isn't all bad.
  • Happy Birthday Steffan and Claire

    Happy birthday time to both Steffan and Claire today as we celebrate the birthday of our favorite song orchestrator and also cutest CMC. Thanks to everyone that sent stuff in! Check after the break for the birthday artwork.

  • Story Updates - July 9th

    Story updates! We have a bunch today. Get them all below.

  • Poll Results: What do You Want to See Most in Season 4?

    Pony history completely dominated this one.  Do I sense another poll secretly taken over by Luna? 

    I'm glad other was so small, that means I didn't fail horribly at picking interesting topics I think!  Thanks to everyone in that poll collection post for ideas. 

    Onward to the next poll:  Pony accessories! Which in show and fanon stuff do you like seeing them wear most? Find it on the side bar. 
  • Music Event: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Margaritaville Uke Version)"

    Let's have a little fun now, shall we?

    Amy Keating Rogers pulled out her ukulele at Everfree Northwest this past weekend and serenaded her fans with a reworked version of the MLP intro. Now y'all have the chance to repay the favor! We've obtained a copy of Amy's lyrics beneath the break, so if you wanna pull some of your musically-inclined friends together (or go solo, either way), record a version of yourselves and send it in! Heck, make it into a PMV if you want! Doesn't matter if you sing it like Jimmy Buffett, Owl City, Florence + the Machine, or Slayer -- let's show her our creativity and how much we look forward to her return to Season 4!

    We'll go ahead and set the submission deadline to July 31. Try and include "AKR Music Event" or something of that sort in the subject line so we don't skip over it by accident. Other than that, get cracking, everypony, and show us your stuff!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #859

    Never did see any of the Frankenstien movies.  One of you needs to go ponify it with this so I can get some motivation going.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Franken Dash

  • June Comic Sales Released

    Comichron has released data on the sales for June in the world of comics.  Pony remains stable in the top 100, with Pinkie Pie actually raising a bit compared to Fluttershy.  
    MLP:FIM #8:        33,114            66
    MLP Micro #5       25,219            90 (Note: Sales increased by some 2500 over #4)
    X-Fizes Season 10  24,270            94 (IDW's next highest selling title)
    I guess you guys really liked the idea of Ponyacci!

    Thanks to Masem and Candygram for the heads up.
  • MLP Fair 2013 - Vinyl Scratch Comic Con Exclusive, Detailed, Derpy Muffins, and More

    MLP Fair went down a few days ago, and  along with the swarms of new Funrise prototypes, there were a few other neat little occurrences in the toy department.  First off, that Comic Con / MLP faire exclusive Vinyl Scratch was on display and purchasable.  As you can see above, the entire box acts as what is essentially a stage.  I have been told that different versions have different "light shows" essentially, but I still don't see any videos to confirm that one.

    And in other news, we have the back of the upcoming favorites box.   Derpy is front and center of course, represented by a muffin.  I'm still not too sure what that Lyrica pony is doing there instead of another more popular background pony, and Lyra definitely needs a new vector, but all in all, that's looking like a pretty solid bunch of ponies!

    More information and images can be found over here.

  • Radio Plays: a / The Sins of Friendship Episode 4 / Episode 1 - The Night They've Been Waiting For

    We really do have some amazing fan voices in the fandom, and it looks like these radio plays are starting to become pretty common because of it! Hopefully you all have some time to spare for your ears. Grinding through the usual EQD workload is much easier for me while listening to these.

    Anyway have three below!

    Also dat Rarity in the first one. Awesome.

    1.) My Little Pony: Inner Demons- Episode 1
    2.) The Sins of Friendship Episode 4; The Enemy of my Enemy...
    3.) Episode 1 - The Night They've Been Waiting For

  • Comic: Nap Time / To Be Continued (again)

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World references (along with a swarm of others) and a bit of cute Twi/Celestia stuff. Click for full!

  • Spotlight Music: SoGreatandPowerful RD -RA / Celestia's Ballad (Dj Gestap Trance Remix)

    I always get a kick out of it when people try to put a genre on SoGreatandPowerful's work. I've seen so many made up words, "SGAPowerfulism" being the most recent. That's a pain in the ass to say though, so someone think of something better yeah?

    Anyway, start this off with a new completely surreal Rainbow Dash / Rarity track, followed by a really well done trance remix of Celestia's Ballad. Both below the break, or click the image. I love choices!

  • Applejack #6 Comic Preview

    Comixology has released 5 pages of the upcoming Applejack comic for those of you that want a taste of things to come. Head on over here to check them all out! Expect to see it on July 10th. 

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up.
  • Nightly Roundup #706

    Pinkamena - always creepy. 

    Have another early morning roundup, because my sleep pattern sucks!  Calpain is back, so expect these to actually be nightly again soon!