• Nightly Roundup #700

    With all of the Nightmare Rarity pictures popping up it really makes me want to actually read the comic series. I've got to get on that someday.

    Anyhow, not much in the way of news tonight guys! Literally the only news item tonight is cake followed by the usual meetup, merch, history, and new groups info. Hopefully it will be more substantial tomorrow.

  • Music of the Day #135

    Take Fluttershy swimming surrounded by fireflies, and pick a random song from here as a backtrack.   Chances are it won't work.  Why? Because Fluttershy is too good for music.  Doh!

    Have some music.  We have 9 today.

  • We Love Fine Adds Galaxy Cases

    We Love Fine has expanded into phone cases for the Galaxy S3, with Doctor Whooves joining the S4 lineup.  On top of that, a few more shirts are up in their pony section, with a Derpy/Doctor shirt available as the current daily deal.  It's a pony tsunami! Ahhhh

    Check it all out over here.
  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: Kingdom of the Griffons / Echelon / I Came Here To Kick Ass and Wub

    We start this one off with one of those good ol' epic orchestral pieces, followed by two electronic tracks, one dedicated to Hurricane Fluttershy, and the other to general Vinyl Scratchty stuff. Find them all below!

    1.) Radiarc - Kingdom of the Griffons (Compilation Release)
    2.) Echelon - Hurricane
    3.) Among The Herd - I Came Here To Kick Ass and Wub

  • Pans Labyrinth Crossover Shirt on Tee Villian

    Yet another one of those limited time Tee shops has a pony shirt up, this time crossing over into the world of Pans Labyrinth.  As is the norm for these, the shirt is super cheap at just 11 bucks.  Head on over here if you want one. As of this post, there are only six hours left to nab it.
  • Tumblr Spotlight: The Little Magician / Ask Sweetie Belle / Spider Rarity

     We've got an interesting mix for you guys today, comprised of Trixie, Korean Sweetie Belle, and even a spider Rarity! Check out after the break for our latest highlights.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at calpain@equestriadaily.com for review and filing.

  • Plushie Compilation #119

    The that is one dapper looking pony and the first of his kind as far as I can tell. Hopefully we will see De Lancie return in some future episodes of MLP.

    Anyhow, on to the rest!

    [1] Source
    De Lancie Plushie from BronyDoc

  • MLP Birthdays: Lauren Faust, Steffan Andrews, Andrea Libman, and Claire Corlett

    Pinkie Pie is busy gathering up party supplies because this month is going to be busy with birthday bashes! We have three birthdays this month for staffers involved with MLP, starting with Steffan Andrews, song orchestrator, on July 9th followed by Andrea Libman on July 19th and finally a grand finale at the end of the month with Lauren Faust's birthday on July 25th! You what you need to do artists! Get your pens ready and draw some bday art for our favorite pony staffers! Make sure to send anything you come up with to submit@equestriadaily.com with MLP Birthdays:Steffan/Andrea/Lauren in the subject line.

    Update: Claire Corlett, the voice of Sweetie Belle, also has a bday on July 9th!

    For references to their OCs (if they have one) you can find them below:

    Steffan Andrews
    Lauren Faust
  • Drawfriend Stuff #850

    Considering how hot it is in most of the nation right now a trip to the beach sounds very inviting. Nothing like relaxing in the water while avoiding the crippling heat.

    Pictures coming at you after the break!

    [1] Source
    Where are the Apples?

  • Story: An Apple Flavored Dessert

    [Shipping] A bunch of apples as a header image! That's a first.

    Author: Ugugg93
    Description: It started out with Pinkie Pie trying to make the perfect dessert with
    Applejack. It ended with the most complicated sort of situation a mare
    could have with her friend.
    An Apple Flavored Dessert

    Additional Tags: Pinkie tries to make dessert

  • Convention Compilation - June 30th

    We have some early convention compilation goodness because everyone decided to be all time sensitivey today. Have some headlines:

    Blaze into Baltimore with BronyCon’s Fire Sale
    CANterlot Convention Press Release

    And full releases below the break.

  • PMV: Strange Things: A Retelling Of The Mysterious Mare Do Well / Helping Twilight Win the Crown 【PONIFIED】 / A True True Friend - Typography (Stop Motion)

    We have some stuff that is a bit different from the norm in the world of PMV Posts. The first is a retelling of Mare do Well, with the second following up with a ponification of the Equestria Girls crown song, and finally a stop-motion typography to finish it off. Check them all out below!

    1.) Strange Things: A Retelling Of The Mysterious Mare Do Well
    2.) Equestria Girls - Helping Twilight Win the Crown 【PONIFIED】
    3.) MLP FiM: A True True Friend - Typography (Stop Motion)

  • Story: Quetzals and Caves (Update Part 3!)

    [Adventure] "This one's for anyone who has fond memories of playing tabletop games with friends. This story certainly took me back to those days." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Mal Winters
    Description: For generations the port town of Oatsmill has sat quietly wedged between the Sunset Ocean and the Black Silt River. Recently, though, a plague of villainy has descended on the citizens. Two ponies, forced together by a mysterious benefactor, must try to set things right.

    The CMC control the action as Apple Bloom leads her friends on their very first quest in Quetzals and Caves. Will Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo be able to work together to overcome the challenges Apple Bloom has set before them?
    Quetzals and Caves (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Story told through CMC roleplaying

  • Story Updates - June 30th

    Story updates! Early morning edition.  Go read stuff to start the day this time!

    Or middle of the night if you are across the globe. 

  • Nightly Roundup #699

    Here's to hoping we see Zebra magic explored in season 4!

    We might as well call this post a meetup compiltion, cause that's 70% of it. Find them all below. (No I didn't do math, I hate math)

  • Fluffle Puff Tales: "PFUDOR"

    That song is going to be stuck in my head for another week, I just know it. We have another Fluffle Puff animation. Head on down below the break to check it out!