• Nightly Roundup #699

    Here's to hoping we see Zebra magic explored in season 4!

    We might as well call this post a meetup compiltion, cause that's 70% of it. Find them all below. (No I didn't do math, I hate math)

    Picture Perfect Pony on Floppy Drives

    These things are surprisingly expensive.

    Vinyl Scratch Custom Giveaway

    Want a scratch? Have a give-away!


    Can't have a roundup without it.


    Brony News Network 23

    Newsbrony here. I've got an interview with Michael Daingerfield in this episode live from Fiesta Equestria. I'd appreciate it if you could put it on your site or in tonight's roundup.

    Find it here.


    Successful Meetups

    Texas Meetup

    Cincinnati Meetup

    The Cincinnati Bronies meetup group, and other bronies around the area came to see the movie. Everyone laughed at the pony antics and shouted out background ponies that they loved. It was a solid meet.

    Boston Meetup

    On Saturday, over 50 Bronies from Boston, New Hampshire, and even Maine converged on the Showcase Cinemas Lowell (MA) for their 1PM showing of Equestria Girls (the only showing of the day). The full house was composed of about half bronies, half target demographic, and a good time was had by all. It took a few minutes for the sound to be turned up loud enough, and only the front speakers were used, but we were still able to enjoy the show.

    Before the show, someone from the theatre came around to collect for The Jimmy Fund (which supports the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and already received a $2,500 donation from the Thank You Fund last week.) Being generous bronies, we filled the can so full he had to stop collecting.

    Afterwards, some of us walked across the parking lot to the nearby Chili's, and spent a few hours talking about the movie and staying out of the muggy heat.

    Photo @ here

    Central California Meetup

    The Bronies of Central California met up in Fresno today, and had our very first Ponies Vs. Changelings game (a ponified version of the popular game Humans Vs. Zombies). We got to meet new Bronies, strengthen bonds with our current Brony friends, and learned a valuable lesson: Survival is magic. In the end, we were all replaced by Changelings.

    SA Meetup

    On Saturday 29 June the Bronies of SA group held another monthly meetup at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. We had some new faces appear, despite being school/uni exam time for some people. We raided the toy and Anime stores for anything new; looks like the MLP collectable cards were sold out. We visited Pulp Fiction and Adelaide Comic stores and even the new Apple Store and put on "Raise this Barn" on their display iMac. Thanks for coming everypony!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Utah Meetups

    Utah Bronies Summer Meetup

    Utah Bronies EQG Meetup


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    Sunset Shimmer