• Nightly Roundup #697

    We got this banner today and I thought it would be perfect for our Nightly Roundups! Luna is the undisputed pony of this segment that's for sure. Thanks to PearlGirl for sending it in!

    On to the news!

  • Music of the Day #132

    Can you handle waiting for the inevitable hilarity of flight training in season 4? Cause I can't.  Twilight's freakouts are meant for a scenario like that!

    Onward to music.  We have 10 today

  • Metropolis Comics Pony Party

    The Metropolis Comics pony party for all you people near Bellflower, California is nearing it's June 29th debut.  If you have time around mid day to go get your comics signed by some of the artists from the series, you might want to do it!  All information is in the poster above. 
  • Rainbow Dash Chopper

    Rainbow Dash is moving into the world of bikers, via a modded chopper.  The bike itself is pretty much completely custom, and emblazoned Dashy focused stuff just about everywhere.  The video/interview does a better job of explaining.  Hit that up over here!
  • Story: Letting Your Mane Down


    Author: TheBandBrony
    Description: "Alright, Miss Sparkle. For your last manecut, you asked to take three inches off all around, except on the bangs. Would you like that same thing again? Or would you prefer to try something different this time?"

    The question, of course, terrified Twilight Sparkle.
    Letting Your Mane Down

    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle Hates Getting Manecuts

  • Wallpaper Compilation #93

    At first, I wasn't too fond of Nightmarity.  She has been growing on me pretty quickly though.

    We have a bunch of new wallpapers for you all today!   Head on down below for all 34 of them. 

    [2] Source
    Nightmarity Wallpaper

  • Poll Results: Worst Pony Drama So Far This Year?

    Drama! Sometimes a bit of madness is good for bringing a fandom together, while other times it splits us apart.  I'm sure each of these has effected all of you more or less than others.  Feel free to discuss away below!

    Onward to the next poll: Oldschool ponies hitting up FiM with sleek new styles.  Which would you like to see? Do you even know who these ponies are? (Cause I don't)  Luckily we have google and Gibstov from that poll collecting post for that!

  • Comic: Go Fly a Kite Pt 4 / Rock, Paper, Scissors / Luna

    I really wouldn't mind seeing some more episodes with reformed Discord, especially if they team him up with Pinkie Pie on a reality bending adventure. Though with those two on the same side I'd fear for the safety of Equestria. Check the description of the comic above for all chapters!

    Comics, click for full.

  • Animation: Spike at Your Service - Alternate Ending

    Butterflies are a mysterious force in this artist's world and apparently quite dangerous, at least to Timber wolves. Check after the break for some silliness!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #847

    This is the way i envision Nurse Redhead when she isn't working her shifts at the hospital. You should see my headcanon for the rest of the ponies!

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Nurse Redhurt

  • Random Merch: Binders, Folders, Worldwide Plushies, And More

    Time for more random merch! We have a whole bunch of stuff this time around, starting with some folders and notebooks found by various people at Walmart.  Head on down below the break for more images of those, along with a bunch of other stuff.

  • Story: Sky Pirates of Equestria: Phoenix Flight

    [Adventure] "The main characters we know and love take their roles in a believable adaptation of the canon universe. Sure to thrill those who seek to quench their thirst for adventure, intrigue, and intriguing characters." -The Batpony

    Author: Aquaman
    Description: In a world where magical airship travel has directed and defined life in Equestria for centuries, the black flag and white skull and crosswings of the bloodthirsty pirate hordes looms everpresent over the boundless Eastern Sea. Most of the pirates that stalk the Seven Streams prefer to live only in the shadows, skulking through the skies as daylight dies and striking with brutal efficiency at any helpless merchant vessel in range. Most of the pirates that the Royal Equestrian Aeronautical Navy hounds after are ragged, ruthless cutthroats who'd just as soon sell their grandmothers for a chestful of bits and a bottle of spiced rum. Most of the pirates that you hear about in stories would flee in terror at the sight of the RES Corona, the famous warship helmed by the most dangerous and determined sky captain ever to fly under the Equestrian flag.

    This story is not about most pirates.
    Sky Pirates of Equestria: Phoenix Flight

    Additional Tags: Fly on, me hearties, yo-ho!

  • Random Media: Rainbowlicious V2.0 / Nightmare Night (Animated)

    I was going to make a Double Rainboom joke, but there are four of them, and that would be corny.  Oh, I guess I did it anyway.  We have A completely crazy Rainbow Dash PMV based on a remix of Rainbowlicious to start us off in this one. 

    And in the second slot, we have a brony dance party style Nightmare Night animation/PMV. Head on down below the break to check them both out!

    1.) MLP PMV: Rainbowlicious V2.0 - Remix by PhonyBrony
    2.) [PMV] Nightmare Night (Animated)