• Random Merch: Binders, Folders, Worldwide Plushies, And More

    Time for more random merch! We have a whole bunch of stuff this time around, starting with some folders and notebooks found by various people at Walmart.  Head on down below the break for more images of those, along with a bunch of other stuff.

    Folders and Notebooks

    As stated above, these were all found at Walmart.  Thanks to Micheal for the images!

    Random Clothing

    Seems like every store has at least a little bit of pony showing.  Dashiepie brought to you by Sears in Concord, CA.  Thanks to Clayton for the image.

    And this one was found at Wet Seal in Thousand Oaks CA by Ryan.  

    Journeys MLP Display

    A couple new designs here, mainly in the backpack and bag department.  AS the title says, these were found at a Journeys store in Arizona.  Thanks to Micheal for the image.

    Funrise in Australia

    It looks like a good majority of the Funrise collection of plushies have hit Australia.  These were found in a Target store by Cameron.  

    Sweet Tongue and Happy Artist

    That's the supposedly translated names of these at least.  Looks like pony candy is invading Russia.  Thanks to Aleksix for the heads up.