• Nightly Roundup #689

    Video game theme tonight because I absolutely love Paper Mario! Props to the artist for ponifying one of my favorite game series. And speaking as a gamer, I just found out tonight that GoG.com is having a huge summer sale on their catalog with tons of great games up for sale as well as a free copy of Torchlight! Man, with Steam sales around the corner my wallet is going to cry, heh.

    Now, on to the news my pony friends!

  • Music of the Day #128

    I'd like Gilda more if she was an obnoxious recurring villian who caused trouble for the mane cast constantly.

    Onward to music of the day! We have 10 this time.

  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: No Wings, No Horns (No Problem) / Destiny

    Epic orchestral from woody and jazzy Applejack from YourEnigma. We haven't had a purely instrumental post in a while, but these songs are great for their specific genres. Hit them up below the break!

    1.) Yourenigma - No Wings, No Horns (No Problem) Ft. Sax Brony
    2.) Destiny - Woody

  • SFM Shorts: Confiscated / Pinkie Pie doesnt Get Her Cupcake / Rainbow Dash On Her Novel

    Parodies of movies, random video game characters conflicting with Pinkie pie, and remade scenes in source pony form. We have a couple of SFM shorts this time around for you all to dig through. Head on down below to check them out!

    1.) [SFM/pony] Confiscated
    2.) [SFM] Pinkie Pie doesn't get her cupcake
    3.) Rainbow Dash On Her Novel [SFM]

  • Short Editorial: Theater Etiquette

    We have been invading the pink isle at toys stores for two years now, but only recently have we been stuck in the same room as the target audience for an extended period of time.  A reddit poster going by the name of Inorezyou tossed this little blurb up from his recent experience at the theater, and I'm sure a few of you that haven't already hit Equestria Girls up could use a few tips before doing so. 

    Pony was originally intended for a younger audience, and having a swarm of 15-30somethings bombard a theater might be a bit intimidating for a mom and her kids. The best thing you can do as part of a group is be respectful to the others in the theater.   Try to keep the bouts of laughter to a minimum and the language PG.  Shouting DERPY!!! at a pony convention is perfectly acceptable, but in a none brony focused event, it's pretty obnoxious for those outside of the loop. 

    I usually don't post stuff like this, but I felt a heads up might make us all look better to the general public in the long run. 

    How have your experiences at the theater been so far? Hit the comments up with that, or feel free to yell at me.  Either or. 

  • Convention Compilation - June 18

    As we drag ourselves into summer the convention news just keeps on coming! We've got a variety for you all today so make sure to check after the break to read more.
    • BUCK Convention Roundup
    • Pre-Con Activities at BronyCon
    • Apple Cider at SAC Brony Expo and Other News
    • Legends of Equestria Announces Open Server Weekend at Everfree
  • Drawfriend Stuff #838

    Is Spike grown up here? I guess so!

    Time for art.  Go look at stuff below the break!

    [1] Source
    All friends or nostalgia

  • Glittery Clear Derpy Joins Glittery Clear Rainbow Dash

    Funko has tossed their second pony related SDCC exclusive up on Amazon.   There isn't an image available, but a picture from a while back (found above) may hint at what this thing looks like.   There is now a limit of two per customer, but you can pick yours up over here!

    Thanks to Sarah again for the heads up.
  • Comic: Friendship is Magic Pt3 / Long Goodbyes / Mosquito Problem

    After a long wait, part 3 of the epic humanized version of Friendship is Magic is out! I imagine if the show really was an anime it would be sort of like this actually.

    Comic! Click for full.

  • Story Updates - June 18

    Story updates! We have a bunch today.  All below. 

  • Story: A New Breed (Update Complete!)


    Author: Polecat
    Description: It's been many years since the Imps first invaded Equestria and the first "Specials" appeared. But with the last of "The Six" now fallen under an Imp assault, can Luna recruit and train a new group of heroes to take their place? This story will take a look at one of Equestria's potential futures, where super-powered ponies battle with dark creatures from the reaches of space itself in an effort to save all of Ponykind.
    All Links after the Break! 

  • SDCC Exclusive Clear Rainbow Dash On Amazon

    It looks like Funko has already tossed their Rainbow Dash exclusive for Comic Con up on Amazon.   If you want one, you can find the listing here!

    Thanks to Corona for the image! 
  • Poll Results: If You Are Planning to See Equestria Girls, How Will You Do It?

    I really need to find some time to go see this.   Hopefully I can hit a theater up before it releases on iTunes or something!

    Next poll:  How do You Get Your Official Pony Comics?
  • Metropolis Comics Pony Party

    For all of you over in Bellflower, California, or nearby, a pony themed party is happening over at Metropolis Comics.  Included in the event are four guests right from the staff, including Tony Fleecs, Thom Zahler, Amy Mebberson, and Barbara Kesel. 

    Expect it on the 29th or June.  You can find their website event section here

    Thanks to Gavin for the picture. 
  • Story: Pick-Me-Up


    Author: Enter Madness
    Description: Twilight casts a new spell labeled as a "pick-me-up" that, among other things, gives her the ability to smell color and causes her to lose all meaning of the words "personal space."

    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle can smell color

  • Nightly Roundup #688

    It's 4am here, and Scootaloo hasn't been at the top of a roundup in forever, so have that. 

    And the usual stuff below the break!