• Nightly Roundup #642

    How about changing things up a bit bit with some traditional artwork? I'm really digging the mane on this grown up Sweetie Belle and her eyes are incredibly captivating.

    Cal is back doing the news and hopefully some other things around the site now that school is winding down. Check on after the break for tonight's headlines!

  • Life of Pie

    Have something ridiculous to end the day with. It's pie time below the break.

  • Animatic: Don't Mine at Night

    JanAnimations is at it again, this time with a ponification of the song Don't Mine at Night.  Minecraft fans better not miss this one. Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Ted and Wally's Ice Cream of the Day - Derpy Hooves

    Homemade ice cream company Ted and Wally's has released a new flavor for the day, running with a chocolate chip muffin ice cream titled "Derpy Hooves".  Unfortunately, they are only located in Omaha, Nebraska as far as I can see from a Google search, so you might need some plane tickets or a few gallons of gasoline if you aren't in the immediate area.

    You can go drool over it on Facebook though. 

    Thanks to Syncallio for the heads up.
  • Xbox Support - Pony Tweepstakes

    I've never heard of the word Tweepstakes before,  but it looks like the Xbox Support twitter is running an event for 1600 microsoft points to be used on Xbox Live. 

    According to their rules, entering requires the following: 
    1. Retweet: "My Little Tweepstakes! RT & fill out this survey for a chance to win 1/3 1600 MSP codes http://xbx.lv/YL6PCA ^JN"
    2. Follow @XboxSupport on Twitter
    3. Leave us your Twitter name.
    Do this by 11:59pm PDT on 4/28. Legal Stuff Here! http://xbx.lv/Twpstks 
    The poll itself drops a 20% cooler joke, and a list of pony names you need to pick the correct one out of.  I bet you guys can guess which one is the real one, though I don't think she usually has a space in there!

    Thanks to Brendan for the heads up! 

  • Rarity Micro Comic - Discussion / Download Link / Variants

    I have to admit, I'm not the biggest Rarity fan in the world, so I went into this one without very high expectations.  Imagine my astonishment when it ended up my favorite of the micro series comics so far.   They really nailed her personality in this one, and the overall story was excellent.

    Anyway, it's comic discussion time! Hit up the comments below with your thoughts on the Rarity comic.  If you haven't picked it up already, have some links:


    Double Midnight
    Larrys Comics
    Jetpack Comics
    Cover A
    Cover B
    Retailer Incentive

  • Drawfriend Stuff #785

    Yes, I am heading this with an OC alicorn.  This is one of the most badass OC alicorn images I've seen though.  That Canis Major is pretty cool too.  Onward to art!

    And weekly reminder: Click the source links for the absolute maximum resolution.  Some of these are huge.  And like/fav/comment while you are there!   

    [1] Source
    Commission - Days of Future Passed

  • Story Updates - April 25th

    Story updates! Go read stuff.

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Mind Games / Far From Me / Luna (Tombstone Remix)

    Woo, EQD is super late.  I blame extraterrestrials.   Have the new Luna remix from Tomb, followed by a new original from Aviators, and some metalcore for those that are into that from a trio of bronies.  All below the break!

    1.) Eurobeat Brony - Luna (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
    2.) Aviators - Far From Me
    3.) [Song] Mind Games - FakePony, Pencil Eraser, BassBrony

  • The Hub Holding vote for Paper Pony Cutouts

    The Hub has tossed a poll up for the next round of pony cutouts.  Included in the list are the following:
    • The Great and Powerful Trixie
    • Luna
    • Daring Do
    • DJ Pon-3
    • Spitfire
    • Princess Twilight
    • Chrysalis
    • Zecora
    Yes, Luna is on a poll.  You know how that usually goes!  They aren't saying only one of these will be picked though, so feel free to toss some support at other ponies.   

    You can find the poll on the front page of Hubworld.
  • Single Pony Book Series - The Covers and What They Are

    Over on G.M. Berrow's Twitter page, a few fans of the book series she is working on asked about a revamp on the cover art. Crystal Heart Spell in particular is a little odd, with a story covering post-season 3, but lacking wings on Twilight since they are stuck using the stock vectors Hasbro provides.   As the author of the series, Berrow doesn't have any control over the actual imagery. 

    Random example from Google Images
    So what is the point in this post you ask?  Clarification! I think this causes a bit of confusion for the masses on what these things actually are.  At first glance, they look like the usual 30 page coloring/activity books we have seen pumped out over the last two years, but don't let the cover fool you.  These are essentially the goosebumps of pony; full on 120 page chapter books made with kids in mind. Hell, they even snuck Derpy, Trixie, and Gilda in there. 

    In other words, it might be worth it to give them a shot! Yes, they are targeted primarily at young readers, but you all should be used to that by now right?   It's the closest thing to an official episode we will get aside from the comics during the haitus, so what have you got to lose?

  • EQD Music Update - Music Queues, Top 6 Limits, and More

    Hello everyone, Hypermark here! A few days ago I pushed a myriad of changes to EQD Music; most of them are back-end stuff (Cereal does not like me using goto's). Videos are now approved in a queue, and every hour a new video will show up (though this timing will change as music comes in at different rates). The time a video can remain in "Today's top 6" is also limited to 3 days. This should keep content fresh.

    Bug fixes
    • The “Other” option should no longer glitch in Firefox
    • Submit page should now say if a video has been submitted
    Next Update
    I'm planning on the next update being fairly big. The front page will be completely redone, search enhanced, and some other third thing. I've noticed a few stale aspects to the site that I plan to address in this next update.

    Further On
    Eventually I plan to add a random button, playlist, albums, and possibly artist pages.

    Every developer thrives on feedback, so please feel free to comment suggestions below!
  • Live Peter New Interview Today

    The Dennis Daniel Show is running a live interview with Peter New today at 3:00 PM EST.  They have asked that you drop some questions in the comments, though you can call in during the actual event as well.

    Head on over here once it starts!

  • Discussion: Teleported to Equestria, What do You Do?

    Welp, it finally happened. You woke up this morning to find yourself smack dab in the middle of Ponyville, surrounded by cartoon horses. Surprisingly enough, none of the ponies seem to care at all that a hairless monkey has suddenly appeared in the middle of their town. I guess they are used to the bizarre in Ponyville these days.

    So, what are you gonna do? Visit Rainbow Dash's cloud house? Or read a book at Twilight's library? There are no time limits, and you have an unlimited amount of bits in your pockets for some mysterious reason. It looks like anything you damn well please is possible this time around!

    (I think the last time we had a question like this was way back during season one, time for a revival!) 
  • Hot Topic #7 Variant Pre-orders Live

    The 7th issue of the MLP comic has been added on Hot Topic's site for pre-order, as well as an image for it.  Head on over here to throw your money at it!
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