• EQD Music Update - Music Queues, Top 6 Limits, and More

    Hello everyone, Hypermark here! A few days ago I pushed a myriad of changes to EQD Music; most of them are back-end stuff (Cereal does not like me using goto's). Videos are now approved in a queue, and every hour a new video will show up (though this timing will change as music comes in at different rates). The time a video can remain in "Today's top 6" is also limited to 3 days. This should keep content fresh.

    Bug fixes
    • The “Other” option should no longer glitch in Firefox
    • Submit page should now say if a video has been submitted
    Next Update
    I'm planning on the next update being fairly big. The front page will be completely redone, search enhanced, and some other third thing. I've noticed a few stale aspects to the site that I plan to address in this next update.

    Further On
    Eventually I plan to add a random button, playlist, albums, and possibly artist pages.

    Every developer thrives on feedback, so please feel free to comment suggestions below!