• Music of the Day #100

    I hear Mrs. Cake played the tuba back in highschool.  Someone write a fanfic about it.

    And while you do that, have some Music of the Day! We have 11 tracks this time around.

    And happy 100! That's a lot of music. 

  • Comic: Luna's Banishment / Meanwhile in Gameloft / Dreamer

    Best watch out Luna, Celestia can be a bit temperamental about certain things.

    Comics guys! Click for full.

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask One Bad Apple / Doctor Strangeling's Manehattan Project / Heartstrings

    It's been awhile gang, but I'm back with a new tumblr spotlight! Sorry for the delay, but when real life beckons I have to reduce my pony intake unfortunately. Anyhow, we have three cool tumblrs for you folks tonight so check on after the break for our three stars!

    If you'd like to suggest a tumblr for a future spotlight, whether it be your own or one you really like, please send it my way at calpain@equestriadaily.com. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can!

  • Shining Armor and Princess Cadance Anniversary Art Compilation

    Way back in April of 2012, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance became a thing.  One in particular cause quite a bit of drama, what with the whole breaking canon by throwing another alicorn in the mix, and a pink pretty princess one at that.  They have since grown in popularity due to the epic season two finale, and continued contributions throughout season three.

    In celebration of their anniversary, have a bunch of art dedicated to the duo! Head on down past the break for a load Equestria's #1 couple!  If you have any that aren't here, toss them in the comments!  I tried to get a good amount of past Drawfriend stuff, but obviously only grabbed a fraction of what is out there. 

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    first date

  • Daniel Ingram - Equestria Girls Music will Be Off the Hook!

    Looking for a bit of incentive to give humanized ponies a shot?  Daniel Ingram tossed this up on his Facebook page yesterday: 
    Equestria Girls has been announced for a while. What are people's thoughts on it? Excited...? or skeptical? One thing I can say though, is the music will be OFF THE HOOK!
    Apparently we have a bit of music to look forward to!  If the hands vs hooves are putting you off, you can probably just assume the ponies themselves are singing it right?

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up! The rest of you are slackerrrs.
  • Discussion: Do You Watch FiM With Kids?

    My Little Pony was originally intended for an audience of kids, but has since evolved and become one of The Hub's biggest attractions for all ages thanks to Lauren and the team's devotion to making it fun for the poor parents forced to watch ponies.  Obviously it succeeded a bit too well on that front.  It's almost uncommon to see the original demographic watching it over the adults!

    My question to you all is, do you watch the new episodes as they air with a younger sibling, nieces, nephews, or any other kids that might be wandering around your TV/computer area? 

    How to they generally react to the show?  Is Vinyl Scratch popping up a big deal to them?

    Hit the comments below!

    And thanks to Pixelkitties for the question idea!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #781

    Snowdrop edition! I think shes about to pass Little Pip and Nyx for most art. 

    Onward to ponies. 

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  • Story Updates - April 21st

    Happy Lyra is happy.  Have some story updates.

  • Chrysalis & Me: Waffles

    I haven't watched Invader Zim since I was a kid.  That had to be one of the most disturbing yet addicting cartoons of the era.

    Anyway, have a short little crossover, just cause.  Nostalgia away!

    (Below the break)

  • Simple PMV #20

    Simple PMV Time! We have 20 of them in this one. Check them all out below the break!

  • We Love Fine Releases Plushie Wings

    Plushies wings have been tossed up on We Love Fine for sale.  Right now they have blue, yellow, and purple at 10 dollars a pop.  Head on over here to check them out!
  • Story: The Frightenmares


    Author: Commissar-Rarity
    Description: Behold, citizens of San Anponyo! The Great and Powerful Trixie is here, to aid you helpless ponies who tremble at night, afraid of the ghosts that haunt this world.
    But fear no longer, for I, the Great and Powerful Trixie will rid you of such vexatious spirits! For an additional fee, I will even bring you into contact with the spirits of those you love most!
    Disclaimer: The Great and Powerful Trixie is not responsible for property damage from evil spirits or any ectoplasmic incidents that may occur. Hire her at your own expense.
    The Frightenmares

    Additional Tags: Trixie is a fake ghostbuster
  • "How bad do you want to name an alligator Gummy?"

    Last night, Lauren "I Do What I Want 'Cause A Pirate Is Free" Faust of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fame posted a journal entry on her deviantART account regarding a fundraiser for some friends over at the Wildlife Learning Center in northern Los Angeles, CA. She's promised us some interesting perks for our money, starting with the chance to give four very lucky animals names from the show.

    • At press time, the campaign has raised about $7,000 of its $48,000 goal.
    • At $10,000, we get Angel, a bunny.
    • At $20,000, we get Tank, a Sulcatta tortoise.
    • At $30,000, we get Owlowicious, a great horned owl.
    • At $40,000, we get Gummy, a victim of ironic naming when the center skips the multiple tooth extractions.

    Pretty neat, huh? This is our chance to immortalize a part of Friendship is Magic in big, obnoxious name placards for all the WLC visitors to see! But the fun won't stop there if the money doesn't!  I'm gonna hide this next part beneath the break, 'cause the reward for helping the WLC meet its campaign goal is huge: