• Music of the Day #100

    I hear Mrs. Cake played the tuba back in highschool.  Someone write a fanfic about it.

    And while you do that, have some Music of the Day! We have 11 tracks this time around.

    And happy 100! That's a lot of music. 

    And since some of you are still confused about these posts, have some infos:

    Music of the Day is a compilation of songs that didn't make the spotlight posts here on EQD. Maybe you aren't too critical on the technical side and just want some fun techno to work out to? Hopefully you find something fun! If you want the best of the best, check spotlight!

    Though spotlight seems pretty rare lately...  Maybe we have become too strict?

    [1] Source
    Przewalski's Ponies - Mustangs Waltz (Вальс "Мустанги")

    [3] Source
    Pinkie Pie's Beatboxing! (Feat. Rainbow Dash)
    Insturmental - Electro

    [4] Source
    Art of the Dress (Aftermath Remix)
    Remix - Trance

    [5] Source

    [6] Source
    Raise The Sun - SlyphStorm (Cover of ForestRain's Raise The Sun)
    Remix - Orchestral

    [7] Source
    This Day Aria extended version - Maestro Scherzo saxophone cover
    Insturmental - Orchestral

    [8] Source
    These wings (2500 subs)

    [9] Source
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Theme Song - Surf Rock Arrangement
    Remix - Surf Rock

    [10] Source
    Distoorted - Failure Success (String Orchestra cover)
    Remix - Orchestral

    [11] Source
    The Real Pink Pony by StumperrD
    Vocal - Rap