• Music of the Day #94

    I'm still sticking by what I always say, she looks great with wings!

    Have some music, we have 18 in this one.  All below!

  • Everfree Northwest Deadlines Released

    Everfree Northwest has tossed up the deadlines for pretty much everything involving the convention.  If you have been procrastinating and need some incentive, nothing works better than good old pressure! Check the press release out below.

  • MLP Comic #9, Applejack #6, and Digest Vol. 1 Information Released

    Gotta love these pony comics.  The next round of summaries, and overall information has been released on the pony comics.  Included this time, you will find the 9th in the main series, and the 6th solo comic, starring Applejack.

    Head on down below the break for everything.  Thanks to Masem for the heads up!

  • Comic: Rehabilitated / Still needs a title / No More Sleepovers / Out with the Old / I will Protect...

    Comics! We have a mixture of story based, comedic, and ridiculous in this one. Click for full!

  • I Don't Even Know: Licky Lick

    It's as slow as Big Mac teaching english class today, but this video should liven it up a bit, or confuse the hell out of you.  I guess it all depends on what kind of internet denizen you actually are in the end.  Do you prefer the bizarre and meme style ridiculous side? Or do you like your internet with a bit of serious?

  • FiM Guidebook Information Released on Amazon

    The guidebook from a few days ago that popped up randomly has been updated with a whole bunch of information over on the Amazon page.  Some neat little tidbits include:

    Price: $10.96 on sale, $17 regular
    Page count: 256 (Woah)
    Release Date: June 4th

    They also bumped the age recommendation on this one up to 12 years old, from the usual 4-8 we see in all the other books. 

    Thanks to Krellion for the heads up! You can find the book over here.
  • Poll Results: Favorite Equestrian Event

    Even when she goes unmentioned, she dominates polls.  Why Luna, why are you so popular?   Is it the gaming? Is it the color scheme?  The anti-princess nature?

    Actually, why am I complaining.  I voted for her too.

    Onward to the next poll: Recommend a poll in the comments!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #771

    A couple of you sent this one over, but no one included a source.  Google reverse image only points to mass image sites.   Someone find us a source!

    Onward to art!

    Source - Paladin

  • Bronycon Announces Lee Tockar

    Lee Tockar has joined Bronycon's growing attendance of show guests.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

  • Discussion: If the Fandom Didn't Exist, Would you Still Watch MLP?

    The fandom keeps things going in the off months when new episodes aren't bombarding us, and even then, the fandom keeps the hype going from week to week.   It gives people a place to discuss the show, and provides a creative outlet for those of us with talent in art, music, and writing. 

    If you were on your own, completely oblivious to the idea that anyone else actually likes the show, would you still be anywhere near as into it as you are now?  Would you order vinyl figures from Hot Topic and get hyped about the new super show accurate plushie line from 4de?

    Think for a minute, way back when you first started watching the show.  I'd be willing to bet a pretty large amount of you wouldn't have even realized it existed without the obnoxious pony fans posting cartoon horses all over your favorite sites.   Maybe you never would have given it a shot at all!  I know I probably wouldn't have.

    Analyze yourself in the comments below!
  • Mixed Media: Sweet Apple Family Typography / Wonderbolt Academy Cinematic Trailer / Rainbow Dash's Past

    We have a mix of stuff this time around, none of which really fit into any of the primary categories. I may need a typography one soon though, considering how many come in! Start with one of those, followed by a cinematic trailer for Wonderbolt Academy, and finish with some Golden Sun meets My Little Dashie. All below!

    1.) Sweet Apple Family - Kinetic Typography by Isegrimism
    2.) Wonderbolt Academy Cinematic Trailer
    3.) Rainbow Dash's Past

  • PMV: No Heaven

    We just keep getting these amazing PMV's lately! I love it!  Have one absolutely overflowing with custom animation effects, including a bit of something for all the ponies. After the break this time!

  • Rarity Micro-Comic on iTunes, With Previews

    The Rarity micro series is now available for pre-order over on iTunes with an April 25th release date.  As is the norm, it comes with some previews.  Head on down below the break to check them out.  I think these have been floating around for a while, at least I have seen the drunk Rainbow Dash before.

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!