• Discussion: If the Fandom Didn't Exist, Would you Still Watch MLP?

    The fandom keeps things going in the off months when new episodes aren't bombarding us, and even then, the fandom keeps the hype going from week to week.   It gives people a place to discuss the show, and provides a creative outlet for those of us with talent in art, music, and writing. 

    If you were on your own, completely oblivious to the idea that anyone else actually likes the show, would you still be anywhere near as into it as you are now?  Would you order vinyl figures from Hot Topic and get hyped about the new super show accurate plushie line from 4de?

    Think for a minute, way back when you first started watching the show.  I'd be willing to bet a pretty large amount of you wouldn't have even realized it existed without the obnoxious pony fans posting cartoon horses all over your favorite sites.   Maybe you never would have given it a shot at all!  I know I probably wouldn't have.

    Analyze yourself in the comments below!