• Music of the Day #87

    One of these days, I'm going to create a giant mosaic of Luna images and plaster it on my wall. 

    Until then, have some music! We have 12 this time around!

  • Bronydoc Releases Limited Autographed Edition

    The Bronydoc team has gathered up signatures from Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, and John de Lancie for a limited edition brony documentary blu-ray.  It's a bit pricey, but for those of you with piles of money, it might be a good one.  Check it out here!
  • Story: No Foals


    Author: Flashgen
    Description: Rainbow Dash would rather do anything else than sit in an office and discuss problems she didn't have. Yet here she was, waiting for it to be over. Her only real hope was that Applejack would come to her senses before the next appointment.
    No Foals

    Additional Tags: What we do for love
  • KISS and Hello Kitty Join Forces on the Hub

    This isn't exactly pony related, but knowing The Hub, I'm sure they will sneak some pony into it.  KISS and Hello Kitty are going to be collaborating on a new show for The Hub.  Apparently the gist of it is: "four KISS x Hello Kitty characters living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in."

    That sounds completely insane

    Anyway, more info can be found at Yahoo
  • Spotlight Music: Magic Dance / It'll be OK

    We have just two songs this time around! The first one is one of those vocal splicey electronic tracks, similiar to what the old Pinkie Pie Swear stuff used to roll with. And in the second slot, we finish with an 8-bit It'll Be Ok from Friendship is Witchcraft. Check them all out below!

    1.) Andi & Adgee ~ Magic Dance
    3.) It'll be OK (Famitracker Cover) [8-bit]

  • Drawfriend Stuff #758

    Haunted Mansions edition! We don't post a whole lot of Nintendo here do we?

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Alien Versus Plumber

  • Story Updates - March 28th

    Story updates! Overflowing with POWER.

    Check them out below!

  • Happy Birthday Cereal Velocity!

    Guess which computer programming pony has a birthday today? That's right! Our good and ever dependable friend and CEO of Equestrian Innovations, Cereal Velocity, has successfully completed another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday buddy, I hope your day is great and you get to eat a lot of cake! Have some Rarity (who is best pony for today) after the break and I urge you all to leave a comment for our hard working Rarity lover as well!

  • Welcome Equestria's New Alicorn: Fleur Dis Lee!

    The royal description writing committee just forgot to swap her over!

    (Image from Cassandra)
  • Canterlot Update for the Gameloft Game

    An update rolled out today (this time available on Android) that adds Canterlot and a bunch of other little bonuses to the MLP Gameloft game.  At level 15, you can take a train over to a completely new building area, with a whole new set of ponies. 

    Some mechanical upgrades include:
    Art of the Dress, Becoming Popular, Love is in Bloom, and original song added
    New stars mini-game (connect the dots)
    Shining Armor and Cadance moved to Canterlot if you have unlocked them
    Canterlot is smaller than ponyville, but still requires the clearing of those dark patches for $$$
    Changeling Meteorites drop down instead of parasprites

    The list of new items/buildings/ponies is huge, so head on down past the break for all of it courtesy of ajnrules!

  • Animation: Derp She Is!

    A ponified version of the intro to one of the best flash series on the net has emerged thanks to Alfa995! I still remember watching the first There She Is!! back in high school. Ah, memories... Check out the video after the break and if you don't know about the There She Is!! series, start here and educate yourself!

  • Story: Tiger Bloom


    Author: Tundara
    Description: When I was young, I woke up in the Everfree. I couldn't remember my name or where I came from before waking in that cursed forest. All I could remember was hunger and the need to hunt. Yet I traveled with a filly I should have turned into a snack. The only thing that held me back was that she held a clue to my missing past.

    Danger surrounded us in that evil place: a pack of wooden wolves, an angry dragon, little blue flowers with a twisted sense of humour, and something else even more terrible than the rest combined. But the biggest threat of all lay hidden in my past. After all, what is worse, the threat you see coming, or the one that you trusted?
    Tiger Bloom

    Additional Tags: Danger lurks in the Everfree
  • More Shirts at We Love Fine

    A pile of new shirts has popped up in the We Love Fine pony section, including  a bunch of Japanese style art, and a various background ponies.  Check them out over here, or after the break! 

  • MLP Gameloft Game - Easter Updates

    The MLP gameloft game has rolled out another set of updates on iOS, this time themed for Easter.  Have a list of stuff:

    Forsythia - 28800 bits

    Rabbit Banner - 30000 bits
    Chocolate Fountain - 50 gems
    Giant Eggs - 50 gems
    Giant Egg Basket - 15000 bits
    Spring Tree - 17200 bits

    No clue whot he new pony is, but that chocolate fountain and those giant eggs are crazy pricy.  Good luck! 
  • Comic: World of Pirates / Horse Power / Lyra's Destiny / Fix

    Pirates! Hands! Humans! Japan! It's comic time. Click for full.

  • Untitled