• Canterlot Update for the Gameloft Game

    An update rolled out today (this time available on Android) that adds Canterlot and a bunch of other little bonuses to the MLP Gameloft game.  At level 15, you can take a train over to a completely new building area, with a whole new set of ponies. 

    Some mechanical upgrades include:
    Art of the Dress, Becoming Popular, Love is in Bloom, and original song added
    New stars mini-game (connect the dots)
    Shining Armor and Cadance moved to Canterlot if you have unlocked them
    Canterlot is smaller than ponyville, but still requires the clearing of those dark patches for $$$
    Changeling Meteorites drop down instead of parasprites

    The list of new items/buildings/ponies is huge, so head on down past the break for all of it courtesy of ajnrules!

    New Ponyville ponies:
    Aunt Orange: 400 gems
    Forsythia: 28,800 bits (I guess you don't need the Easter update to get her)

    New Canterlot ponies:
    Shining Armor (moved from Ponyville)
    Princess Cadance (moved from Ponyville)
    Upper Crust: balloon pop game
    Fleur Dis Lis balloon pop game
    Twinkleshine: 80 gems
    Twilight Velvet: 25500 bits
    Lyrica 55000 bits
    Minuette: 120 hearts (!!!)
    [Donut] Joe: 85000 bits
    Unicorn Guard: 140,000 bits
    Twilight's Dad: unlocked at level 49

    New Canterlot shops:
    Canterlot Cafe: 40,000 bits
    Pizzeria: 40,000 bits
    Observatory: 60 gems
    Donut Shop: 80,000 bits
    Royal Conservatory: 200,000 bits
    Balloon Pop Stand: 500 bits

    New Canterlot Decor:
    Purple Wedding Flowers: 4 gems
    Red Wedding Flowers: 10,000 bits
    Canterlot Dark Tree: 500 bits
    Canterlot Green Tree: 500 bits
    Canterlot Orange Tree 500 bits
    Canterlot Pale Tree: 500 bits
    Canterlot Pointy Tree: 500 bits
    Canterlot Red Tree: 500 bits
    Tri-brush: 100 bits
    Royal Wedding Cake: 100,000 bits
    Blue Banner: 30,000 bits
    Diamond Banner: 10 gems
    Pegasus Banner: 50,000 bits
    Purple Banner: 8 gems
    Wedding Presents: 15,000 bits
    Planet Fountain: 50 gems
    Royal Chariot: 250,000 bits
    Canterlot Left Hedge: 640 bits
    Canterlot Right Hedge: 640 bits
    Canterlot Big Tree: 2,000 bits
    Discord Statue: 400 bits (!!!)
    Dirt Path: 70 bits
    Cobblestone Path: 100 bits