• Discussion: Create a Pony Government!

    Twilight Sparkle has decided to break off and start her own little empire now that she has those flashy wings and super alicorn powers.  She needs a government system though, and wants you all to help her decide on one!

    Taking into account the fact that a rogue unicorn could potentially cause untold levels of havoc, or a pegasus could move a thunderstorm wherever she pleases, what kind of government would you like to see in your "new" Equestria?  

    And yes, this is totally because of a certain game, and no, we are not being paid by the company that created said certain game, even with their 100 million dollar advertising budget! (That's an insane budget btw.)

    Also new banner from our resident tech guy Cereal Velocity!  You should go follow him on Twitter

  • Build - A - Bear Ponies Clothing

    A couple of images of the clothing the Build a Bear ponies will have available to them have popped up.  Rainbow Dash appears to be rolling with a simple version of her Gala setup, along with a few designs here and there for Pinkie Pie. 

    Thanks to Jennifer and Christine for the images. 

  • Upcoming Blindbag Collectable Ponies on Ebay

    It looks like a bunch of those Toy Fair collectable ponies are popping up over on Ebay. Usually that is a good sign that we will be seeing them invade in the near future.  All of these will be shipping from way over in China, so don't expect anything quickly. 

    You can find all of them, and more, here! Or after the break. Thanks to Violet CLM for the heads up!

  • We Love Fine adds Scarves, More Light

    We Love Fine has expanded with some new scarves, starting with the CMC, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash.  And if you aren't in a cold area, a few new tee-shirts have been added with their LED designs included.  Head on over to the pony section for all of this stuff! 

  • Discussion: Cutie Mark Crusaders Kickstarters!

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders love the idea of all these Kickstarters.  It seems like anypony can hop on there, post some cute pictures, and get funded!  What better way to earn their cutie marks?

    They need your help deciding on the project idea!  What kind of special talent should Scootaloo and her friends aim for with their sudden influx of bits? 

    Drop your idea below!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #755

    Poor Celestia... She must be sad because we only ever give her a header image slot here when Luna is involved.  Lets change that for today! PRAISE THE SUN!

    Onward to art.

    [1] Source
    Meeting an Old Friend for Advice

  • The Full Series 2 Trading Card Collection

     Ebay seller Aradiadiane has tossed a full set of series 2 trading cards up on Ebay, giving us all a look into what exactly is included in the collection.  From a broad overview, they appear to include loads of stuff from all three seasons. 

    Some of the notables include a new set of darker villian types, nine jokey/meme/text based cards, as well as the large amount of stuff you have come to expect from the past set.  pretty much everyone is front and center here. 

    Head on down below the break to check them all out! thanks to Genevieve for the heads up!

  • My Little Pony Season 2 DVD Information from Shout Factory

    The second installment of Shout Factory's MLP season 2 DVD is hitting stores on the 14th of May, and Shout Factory sent over a bit of information on it for you all to dig through. 

    So far some of the big highlights appear to be:

    All 26 Episodes (though no information on The Last Roundup remaining Derped)
    Live Stage Reading
    Recording of the San Diego Pony Panel
    Sing Alongs

    Head on down below the break to check out the full episode list! The DVD will be invading Amazon later today for pre-order. 

  • Convention Compilation - March 25th

    Just in case you have time betwene your giant crab fights, we have some convention news.   Here are the headlines:
    • Tara Strong at Phoenix Comic Con
    • Equestria LA adds Eurobeat Brony for 2013! Perks for convention hotel guests!
    • Brony-Fest Announced for March 2013 in DFW Texas!
    • Brony Beach Minicon - Accepting artists, Vendors, Panelists.  Guests announced
    • Sac Brony Expo Kickstarter Funded and More

    And the full press releases after the break!

  • Doctor Whooves Adventures: Shadows of the Lunar Republic

    Pony in a Box has released their sixth episode in the adventures series.  This one is a whopping 40 minutes long, so hopefully your ears have a bit of time for listening! Find it below the break!

  • Story: I Alone

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: RazgrizS57
    Description: Me is the best friend I could ever hope to have. Me is always there in the pond waiting for I. I love me.
    I Alone

    Additional Tags: Me is my best friend
  • Tsundere Trixie / Nightly Roundup #616

    This is a pretty light nightly roundup, so lets discuss Tsundere Trixie instead.  Why is Tsundere Trixie the best Trixie?  I haven't a clue.  Shes pretty cute with the pouty expression though. 

    Honestly it's all podcasts and meetups tonight, so enjoy!