• Trotcon Announces Lee Tockar and Heather Breckel

    Apparently this happened a while ago, but I completely missed it! Trotcon has announced the addition of Lee Tockar and Heather Breckel to the list of important people attending the con.  For the full press release, head on over to their news page!
  • Convention Compilation - March 21st

    Conventions! Have some headlines:
    • Brony Beach Minicon Release
    • Appleoosacon Delayed
    • Big Apple Ponycon - Twilight Sparkle Crystal Heart Spell
    • Crystal Mountain Ponycon Promo
    And press releases below the break.

  • Pre-orders for 4th Dimension Plushies Now Available

    That 10" Twilight Sparkle plushie from a while back is finally available for pre-order.  Chances are these will be similar to the Funko toys and run out of stock incredibly fast, especially with that ridiculously cheap 25 dollar price tag. 

    I said it in the last post, and I'll say it here again, these are essentially the We Love Fine of pony plushies.  Little Girls are not the focus here. That's collector level Minky fabric and full embroidery with cutie marks on both sides show-style.  If Twilight and whoever comes out next does well, chances are we will see all the fan favorite characters in the future.  Do you want a Luna? Cause I want a Luna.

    Anyway, go pre-order some Twilight!

    (update) Out of stock! 
  • Animation: Snowdrop

    After the long wait, Snowdrop has finally been released!  If you missed it over at Bronystate earlier, the team at Silly Filly Studio's has tossed it up on Youtube for everyone to dig into.  Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Little Braeburn / Ask Libra Pony / Cheerilee's Chalkboard / Ask Britannia

    Hello once again to another edition of the tumblr spotlight everyone! Today we've got another set of tumblrs featuring a wide variety of characters for you to pick from today so let's dive in shall we?

    As usual, if you have a tumblr you'd like to suggest, whether it be a friends or your own, please send it in to calpain@equestriadaily.com for review. I'll try and check each one I receive as quickly as I can! Now on to the tumblrs after the break.

  • More MLP #5 Variant Covers

    A comic website called Graham Crackers has tossed up images of a couple of variants for the 5th MLP comic.  Sadly they have gigantic watermarks on them, but if you are out to collect them all, have some links:

    Rarity Cover
    Luna and Celestia Cover

  • Drawfriend Stuff #751

    EQD's main page is lacking in the ridiculous pink today, so have something with a bunch of pink.

    And some art.

    [1] Source
    Cadence uguu

  • Story Updates - March 21st

    Story updates! Chaarge!
  • MLP Birthdays: Ashleigh Ball, Maddy Peters and John De Lancie Art Gathering

    It's time again for some birthday fun for members of the MLP staff, this time for both Ashleigh Ball and Maddy Peters who voice Rainbow Dash/AJ and Scootaloo respectively! If you thought that was coincidental, their birthdays are just a day apart with Maddy's on the 30th and Ashleigh's on the 31st this month.

    Since the MLP Birthday event for Nicole Oliver was so successful, we're going to try and nab some birthday art for these two as well! They don't have OCs, but you can get cracking on some adorable Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and Applejack art (Don't forget AJ, even though Scoots and Rainbow together is adorable) and then send the finished pieces into us at submit@equestriadaily.com. Please include MLP Birthday: Maddy/Ashleigh/JDL in your email subject line so it can be properly filed!

    Important Update!: Send in your John De Lancie Bday art too since his was yesterday apparently! Discord would never follow conventional things like the proper date anyway!
  • Bioshock Creative Director Ken Levine Reads Bioshock Pony Fanfiction

    Bioshock Creative Director Ken Levine decided to read up on a bit of Bioshock pony fanfiction in celebration of Infinite's release in a few days here.  They even threw a bit of animation in there just for an extra boost. 

    Speaking of Bioshock Infinite, I need to bug someone to make me a banner for that one.

    Anyway, find it below the break!

  • Snowdrop Reminder: Airs Today!

    For those that missed the announcement a few days ago, Snowdrop is scheduled to make it's big debut tonight on Bronystate! Have a blurb from SillyFillyStudios:
    SillyFillyStudios will be partnering with Bronystate to premiere their first ever feature short animation, "Snowdrop", a story about a young, blind pegasus who, long ago, changed Equestria's winters forever on her quest to find herself. Snowdrop will premiere at 8 PM EST tonight at Bronystate.net, with an interview from the cast and crew and a special second-run after the premiere with live cast commentary. We here at SillyFilly hope that you'll join us for this special event, and allow one last winter wish to fill your heart before the start of spring!
    Just a few hours away! 

  • Disney PMV: Alice and Wonderland Edition

    We have another set of themed PMV's, this time dedicated to Alice in Wonderland's music.  Head on down past the break for the full list of them!

  • Short Animations: Bookz / Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo - Paparazzi / Through The Eyes of Another Pony - Rough Storyboard / My Little X

    We start this one off with Twilight Sparkle obsessing over books, followed by Scootaloo being creepy, and finish with a storyboard for an upcoming Through the Eyes of Another Pony storyboard, and some Applejack Megaman stuff that I wasn't sure where to put.  Click to check them out!

  • Possible Funko Pop! Figures on Taobao (Debunked)

    As is the norm for Taobao, we have some early merch appearing from some of their Hong Kong sellers.  Strawberry Reef sends this image over, with a suggestion that they might be the Funko Pop! pony toys that were announced a while back.   They could be something entirely different though.  Only time will tell!

    Looks like the taobao seller was just using a Deviant Art image. Doh!
  • GalaCon AMA on Reddit

    Got some questions about GalaCon that have been kicking around at the back of your mind for awhile now? Well, now is your chance to have them answered as members of the GalaCon team will be answering questions about the event this Saturday during an AMA on Reddit. Check on after the break for full details!

  • BUCK at Nineworlds 2013

    The good folks at BUCK have a bit of news for you all this morning! They have been invited to the weekend long geekfest known as Nineworlds where they will be representing the Brony fandom. Check on after the break for the full press release.