• Pre-orders for 4th Dimension Plushies Now Available

    That 10" Twilight Sparkle plushie from a while back is finally available for pre-order.  Chances are these will be similar to the Funko toys and run out of stock incredibly fast, especially with that ridiculously cheap 25 dollar price tag. 

    I said it in the last post, and I'll say it here again, these are essentially the We Love Fine of pony plushies.  Little Girls are not the focus here. That's collector level Minky fabric and full embroidery with cutie marks on both sides show-style.  If Twilight and whoever comes out next does well, chances are we will see all the fan favorite characters in the future.  Do you want a Luna? Cause I want a Luna.

    Anyway, go pre-order some Twilight!

    (update) Out of stock!