• Pony Interviews Buttersc0tch Sundae, gets posted to Equestria Daily

    Recently, a pony by the name of Doctordapples composed a small essay on clopfiction, and to a certain extent mature content in general. Now, there are a lot of opinions flying around the ponynet about this particular topic, and for the record Equestria Daily's official position on the subject is that it exists. However! As part of that piece, he also interviewed one Buttersc0tchSundae, author of... well, a lot of very highly rated pony fiction, including the likes of The Party Hasn't Ended.

    It's a very fascinating chance to get a look inside the mind of a talented and prolific author (a rarer combination there was never). If you've been wanting to get a better understanding of even part of the community, to get to know one of its faces on a more detailed level, I highly recommend checking it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed, no matter where you fall in the discussion.

    Buttersc0tchSundae Interview

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