• Nightly Roundup #26

    This is... a lot of news.

    But it's cool. I bought caffine pills!


    Pony Keychains in Hawaii

    Those AMAZING PONY KEYCHAINS are available at a store called Animation Magic in Hawaii for those of you who live down there. So, go buy some!

    Dutch Subtitles

    Another crazy brony is translating the entire show into dutch.  You can follow all of his progress here!

    MLP osu! Beatmaps

    Somepony over on 4chan is trying to create beatmaps for a computer based rhythm game based on the Elite Beat Agents game for the DS!  This game was awesome, and I'm happy to see a PC version exists!  Apparently it's pretty easy to create files for it (This Phoenix Wright one for example).  He needs help with it though. If you are interested, check out the ponychan thread here!

    I should get back into the rhythm game scene.  DDR was addicting as hell back in the day.  Or at least ITG was, never did like the read DDR. Those of you who know what I'm talking about, you are great! Have a Trixie!
    Oh...looks like she is ignoring you.  That sucks.

    Applebloom Helicopter

    We had a debate the other day (Kind of) on the spelling of Applebloom.  Is it two words?

    Anyway, have an Apple Bloom helicoptor.  You can download the mod in the description of the video!

    An Hour of Discussion about the Anti-Streaming Bill

    For those of you who were following the new streaming bill from a while back, this video does a pretty good job of explaining it!  You really only need to listen to the first 10 minutes for everything involving the bill, though this cast in general is pretty neat.   You can find the embed below!

    OC Night Pony Group Shot!

    Hoshi-Kou over on Deviant Art is collecting night themed OC ponies for a massive Luna celebratory group shot!  The moon goddess demands followers!  Celestia has had her fun for long enough!

    You can find the DA page here!

    TF2 Pony Sound Modder Looking for Suggestions

    Darkclaw is creating various mods for TF2 to modify the voice overs of the characters.  He is looking for suggestions though on what to add! You can find his current mods here (Untested by me!).   You can contact him on Gamebanana if you are interested!

    Everypony is a DJ Channel Recieves a Bunch of Updates!

    This guy is editing the DJ pony clip for every other pony in the show, and adding a bunch of other random stuff.  I have linked this before, but he has a bunch of new updates up! You can find that here!

    Online Version of the Australian Newspaper

    A few days ago an Australian Newspaper posted about Bronies.  We have had various scans of the article pop up, but they have finally tossed it on to their website.  You can find it here!

    Rainbow Dash Raids the Toronto Dyke March

    Oh Dashy, you so silly.

    On July 2nd, Rainbow Dash showed all over the news thanks to this pride parade!

    Apparently Pinkie Pie was on the other side of it.

    I used to be pretty big on Dashiepie until Twixie showed up.  Twixie is just so much more fun to say!  Twixie Twixie Twixie.  Always liked those candy bars. 

    McDonald's Pony Toys in Malaysia

    The pony Mcdonalds toys have popped up in Malaysia.  For those of you spending 70 bucks for sets on Ebay, this might be a better alternative if you know someone out there!

    Lapfox Trax heading to Pulserhythm

    A few of the lapfox pony songs (This one/This one) are actually going to be appearing in the Pulsthythm game that is scheduled to release some time this month.  They wont be joining the selection until October during a pack update, but it's still pretty neat!

    Anime Expo 2011 Brony Picture Album

    More brony pictures have popped up for you all to feast on!  You can find the album here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Events I want to do:

    1) Ponies around the world: Take pictures of pony toys in front of major landmarks around the world!  Someone gave me this idea, and it's awesome.

    2) Movie Posters for Episodes Contest:  Steam game prizes anyone?!  Yes!  I want to do this.

    3) Ask Trixie Q&A 

    Events I have time to do:

    1.) Bother Cereal, Phoe, and Tek! 

    Equestria Daily Jet

    I was going to write something strange like the Nascar post, but I am too tired, so have a youtube video! Pretty cool!

    And that is all for the news! I'm uhh, pretty dizzy so I'm just going to go ahead and let you guys email  me a list of typos!

    Some day I'll have an editor,  though I might need to expand past ponies for that.  I apologize for all of my extremely brief responses lately. I don't really get much time to build well thought out articles with how quick everything goes.

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