• Nightly Roundup #592

    Back to business as usual ladies and gents! As that entails me never knowing what to use for a header let's get back into taking suggestions for Roundup headers, eh? Suggest a header down in the comments and I'll pick whichever is most popular!

    Anyhow, now that the fires around EqD are put out for the day let's dive into the news shall we? Also, I'm going to try my hardest to try and get the Roundups a little earlier as people seemed to like that idea last night when I actually posted before midnight. We'll see how it goes!

  • Pony Connect the Dots

    Hey, you all look a little antzy. 

    Have some connect the dots from the MLP facebook

    Thanks to Dos for the link!
  • Story: Of Scoothu: Destroyer of Worlds


    Author: RavensDagger
    Description: Scootaloo: the orange filly that everypony knows, either for her heartfelt devotion to her idol, or for the slightly disastrous happenings that occur around her and her fellow Crusaders.

    But what if the filly is hiding something? A secret that might, maybe, explain all the bizarre events that occur in Ponyville? Only one knows, and he is intent upon recruiting her.

    In the darkest pits of his being, Discord laughs at his fortunes.
    Of Scoothu: Destroyer of Worlds

    Additional Tags: Oh, God, What Have I Done?
  • Everfree Northwest Announces Sherclop Pones

    Loved the latest Friendship is Witchcraft? Then you might be excited to hear that a certain team is going to be at this year's Everfree Northwest! That's right, Sherclop Pones is going to be making an appearance this summer at the premier west coast event! Considering how awesome Everfree was last year I think we can expect to see more of the same this coming summer.

    Check after the break for the full press release, plus a special message from a certain young, purple alicorn!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #727

    I'm thinking today calls for a Luna header.  I don't know why that is the case, but it does.

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Beautiful night

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Land of Equestria / Star Hopper / Don't Be Too Shy

    We start this one with an epic orchestral/autotuney song from Evening Star, followed by some that SoGreatandPowerful crazyness, and finish with a bit of electro-pop dedicated to Fluttershy from Nameless Warning. Find them all below!

    1.) Evening Star - Land of Equestria (The Orchestral Anthem)
    2.) sgap : star hopper
    3.) Nameless Warning - Don't Be Too Shy

  • German Blu-Ray Details

    Someone going by the name of Niyashy sent an email over to Edel asking for a few details on the upcoming Blu-Ray release in Germany.

    As many of you were wondering in a past post, this one has been confirmed by them to be region free (country code 0) so any player can use it.

    The Disc is said to contain around 6-7 minutes of bonus footage, though no further information was given on that.  Apparently Hasbro sent what they wanted over, and Edel included what they could.

    One interesting point from the E-mail was the line "For our release of season 2 in May".  It looks like they are releasing these pretty rapidly at that rate!

    And finally, the English audio will only be available in 2.0, as opposed to German which allows 5.1.   Not the best situation ever, but at least we get some HD ponies on a disc for once!

    Niyashy also points out that the FISK-0 sticker on the cover is pointing toward age recommendation. 
  • Panel Writeup: From Page to Personality

    I really gotta apologize for getting these writeups out to y'all after the weekend's done and overwith. When you're in Las Vegas, though, you kind of have to explore the city a little bit! Anyway, I know you guys are moderately intrigued for some more panel coverage. To get this out of the way, Equestria Daily wasn't able to cover the first VA panel with Andrea, Tabitha, Cathy, and Lee, so let's go ahead and bring you the highlights of the second writers' panel of the convention. We've got M.A. Larson moderating; Amy Keating Rogers alongside Garry Chalk (Fido) and Brenda Crichlow (Zecora); Meghan McCarthy with Andrew Francis (Shining Armor); and Cindy Morrow with Michael Daingerfield (Braeburn) and Maryke Hendrikse (Gilda) joining to reminisce how writing and voice acting come together in the show -- after the break.

  • Comic: Do Ponies Use Toilers / Alicorn Twilight / Speech Check / False Memories

    Yes, we are starting this with bathroom humor.  I have no excuse for that. 

    We also have a bit of Twilacorn contemplation, some Fallout for those that find skill books ridiculous, and Pinkie Pie's alternate life for those that followed the recent reveal from Daniel Ingram's panel about the cutie mark swaps actually changing history. 

    Click for full!

  • PMV: Is it everything you dreamed, Princess Sparkle? / Pony Shinanigans II / Ponies Typography

    We have a sort of a mix this time around of PMV's, Typography, and 21 minutes of randomness.  Find them all below!

    1.) [PMV] Is it everything you dreamed, Princess Sparkle?
    2.) Pony Shenanigans ll
    3.) Ponies by I Bring Da LULZ - Typography by Isegrimism

  • Story: March to the Scaffold (Update Epilogue!)


    Author: Foxy Kimchi
    Description: Chrysalis is brought to Canterlot to stand trial for her failed invasion. Thinking her fate is sealed, she is determined to be defiant to the very end. Loosely based on March to the Scaffold, the 4th movement of the musical piece Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz.
    March to the Scaffold (New Part 17!)

    Additional Tags: Inspired by music, thought provoking

    Dramatic Reading
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