• German Blu-Ray Details

    Someone going by the name of Niyashy sent an email over to Edel asking for a few details on the upcoming Blu-Ray release in Germany.

    As many of you were wondering in a past post, this one has been confirmed by them to be region free (country code 0) so any player can use it.

    The Disc is said to contain around 6-7 minutes of bonus footage, though no further information was given on that.  Apparently Hasbro sent what they wanted over, and Edel included what they could.

    One interesting point from the E-mail was the line "For our release of season 2 in May".  It looks like they are releasing these pretty rapidly at that rate!

    And finally, the English audio will only be available in 2.0, as opposed to German which allows 5.1.   Not the best situation ever, but at least we get some HD ponies on a disc for once!

    Niyashy also points out that the FISK-0 sticker on the cover is pointing toward age recommendation.