• Music of the Day #55

    Chrysalis brings yet another heart filled with music for you all tonight (or today outside the USA).  Head on down below for all of it!

  • Story: Liberate the Sun (Update Chapter 4!)

    [Adventure] ADVENTURE! I love adventure.

    Author: Seether00
    Description: During an expedition to The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, two ponies stumble upon the origin of the alicorns, the state of Equestrian governance before the Princesses' ascension and the truth behind their father's disappearance.

    Blackmailed by Discord, Wallflower and Mayflower are forced to embark on a quest to free the sun from Princess Celestia's control.

    In response, Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash to stop Discord's plans at all costs.

    If having Equestria's most powerful unicorn and fastest flyer in hot pursuit weren't enough, the siblings must contend with a rookie agent of the Changeling hive out to prove her worth, an untrustworthy spirit of Chaos bent on his own amusement and their own strained relationship - all in a game of chess to liberate the sun.
    Liberate the Sun (New Chapter 4!)

    Additional Tags: History, Deceit, Family, Pony Physionomics
  • Spotlight Music: Small Wings / Aeons / Where We Are Now

    We start this one off with some electro style vocal music, followed by another movie-soundtrack level orchestral piece, and a bit of country instrumental stuff to finish it off. Head on down below for all of it!

    1.) Sim Gretina - Small Wings
    2.) David Larsen - Aeons (MLP Music)
    3.) Manard - Where We Are Now

  • Story: The Rise of Iron Mare (Update Part 9!)

    [Adventure] [Crossover]

    Author: Alexstrazsa
    Description: In her youth, Twilight Sparkle discovered a way to infuse technology and magic. 20 years after her breakthrough, she is now the CEO and founder of Sparkle Industries, and one of the wealthiest ponies in Equestria. Her relatively perfect life goes sour, however, when she is captured by a group of griffons who want to steal her technology.
    The Rise of Iron Mare (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight, Sparkle, Is, Iron, Mare
  • Spotlight Music: Galaxy / Babs Seed 8 bit / Sugarcube Addict

    We start this one off with a new one from So Great and Powerful in his usual relaxing style, followed by the return of Rainbow Crash 88 with a Babs Seed 8bit remix, and finish with some awesome new instrumental electronic stuff.  Head on down below for all of them!

    1.) sgap : galaxy
    2.) Babs Seed (8-Bit)
    3.) TheH215 - Sugarcube Addict

  • More Information on Nici Pony Plushies

    NICI has released a bit more information over on Brandora about their upcoming Plushie lineup.  Some of the more interesting bits of information include the promise of 20 pieces total, though this will only span three ponies (Twilight, Dash, and Pinkie).  The extras will be varying sizes of the main models and accessories to go with them, including pillows, wallets, and backpacks.  (If you want an example, hit this page up)

    ApolloBro translated over their article for us.  Find that below:
    "With the My Little Pony license we got a true iconic brand into the house. Due to the high quality workmanship of our products, the use of our NICI typical cuddly plush and lovingly detailed work of our talented designers, we were able to capture the distinctive look of My Little Pony in our plush and gift articles. The new product line will let the fans' hearts beat faster and help us strengthen our position as a leading global manufacturer of plush and gift items further. We are very pleased with the successful licensing partnership with Hasbro, and look forward to a successful and long-term cooperation."
    It might be a while before we get a Luna and complete the mane six, but this is pretty promising so far! Hopefully they have some success.  Sadly the shipping is completely insane for anything overseas, so we might need to wait for an alternative outside of Europe.  If these do well, I don't doubt that will be far off.
  • Comic: Who Let the Dogs Out / Twilight's First Day 4 / A Crystal Gift

    Comics! We start it off with some Screwloose, followed by filly Twilight being filly Twilight, and finish with some more artistic style skydiving.  Click for full!

  • Story Updates - January 27th

    I still say this is one of my favorite fanfic covers.

    Have some story updates!

  • Story: Life on the Frontier (Update Part Complete!)


    Author: Starwind Dood
    Description: A love triangle is made as Carrot Top and Little Strongheart compete for Braeburn's affection, and life will never be the same again! Ditsy gets a taste of cowpony life as she integrates herself into a new town and Dinky will never be taken seriously with her mother around to treat her like a foal. Join our favorite background ponies in some frontier life, adventure, and even romance?
    Life on the Frontier (New Part 13!)

    Additional Tags: Episodic stories of life in AAAAAAAAAAAAAPPLELOOSA!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #698

    Timberwolves Edition! Yeah, I'd run if I saw that.

    Have some art to look at while you hide under Zecora's bed. 

    [1] Source
    MLP - King of the Forest

  • "Just For Sidekicks": Episode Followup

    I keep trying to figure out the method that Cereal uses to decide which followups he's going to do, and I think I've narrowed it down slightly. I think it's CMC and Spike episodes that he "conveniently" has to go put out the fires at EQD. Seriously, why even bother? They're just going to start back up anyway.

    But it's cool, I'm fine with Spike! He can be a really fun and expressive character, as this episode has shown. With that, let's dive right into* Just For Sidekicks!

    *But first a quick note. The contrast on my version is pretty whack, so some colors are very bright while others are extremely dark, e.g. Twilight and Rarity's manes.

  • PMV: Friendship is Tears // Raise This Barn - Typography (Stop Motion) // Make a Move

    I... I'm lost, what's going on in this picture? Is Twilight so attached to her book that Applejack put her hat on Pinkie and intends to use her to destroy whatever force field Twilight's put up? I like it! Print it.

    We've got some Max Payne 3 music (or so the comments say), some kinetic typography for Raise This Barn, and finishing with some Icon For Hire.

    1) PMV - Friendship is Tears
    2) MLP FiM: Raise This Barn - Typography (Stop Motion)
    3) [PMV] - Make a Move

  • Story: Boss of Me (New Part 15!)

    [Adventure] [Slice of Life] "This story is an eccentric blend of slice-of-life pony goodness and anime action sensibilities, and the result is like a delicious smoothie." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: ToixStory
    Description: When Sweetie Belle is accepted into the mysterious Canterlot Music Meister Academy, she finds that life in a school filled with eccentric teachers, odd students, and lots of music is anything but normal.
    Boss of Me (New Part 15!)

    Additional Tags: sweetie belle's life is unfair
  • Kallisti Charity Continues!

    Yesterday, Bronies for Good started up their Kallisti Charity stream, filled with interviews from show staff and various community members, along with events throughout the day. Today it keeps on going, with M.A. Larson at 12:30 PM EST, along with various other events.

    Information on it can be found here for those that missed the announcement the other day!
  • Nightly Roundup #565

    I'm gonna go ahead and interrupt this Twilight Sparkle cat thing with a bit of filly scouts tonight.  Filly scouts builds character! It teaches a young pony the value of a bit, and important negotiation skills for later on in life.  Can Twilight the cat claim that? I think not.

    Have some roundup.

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