• More Information on Nici Pony Plushies

    NICI has released a bit more information over on Brandora about their upcoming Plushie lineup.  Some of the more interesting bits of information include the promise of 20 pieces total, though this will only span three ponies (Twilight, Dash, and Pinkie).  The extras will be varying sizes of the main models and accessories to go with them, including pillows, wallets, and backpacks.  (If you want an example, hit this page up)

    ApolloBro translated over their article for us.  Find that below:
    "With the My Little Pony license we got a true iconic brand into the house. Due to the high quality workmanship of our products, the use of our NICI typical cuddly plush and lovingly detailed work of our talented designers, we were able to capture the distinctive look of My Little Pony in our plush and gift articles. The new product line will let the fans' hearts beat faster and help us strengthen our position as a leading global manufacturer of plush and gift items further. We are very pleased with the successful licensing partnership with Hasbro, and look forward to a successful and long-term cooperation."
    It might be a while before we get a Luna and complete the mane six, but this is pretty promising so far! Hopefully they have some success.  Sadly the shipping is completely insane for anything overseas, so we might need to wait for an alternative outside of Europe.  If these do well, I don't doubt that will be far off.