• Music of the Day #53

    For whatever reason, I keep hearing murloc sounds when i look at that image of Chrysalis.  Maybe I'm having WoW withdrawls.

    Onward to music of the day! We have 14 tracks from various walks of life.  Check them out below!

  • Fiesta Equestria Announces Braeburn!

    Fiesta Equestria in Houston Texas announced Micheal Dangerfield, or Braeburn for their upcoming convention.

    The full press release can be found after the break as always!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #79

    I've bounced from Unicorn to Pegasus on a daily basis for two years now when it comes to personal choice for best pony type.  There is no denying that Pegusai make awesome wallpapers though!

    Compilation time! Head on down below and treat your computer's rotator to some new content!

    And for those that forget: Click the source for the full size! 

  • Discussion: Derpy!

    It's been a year, and still, she just doesn't know what went wrong.
    One year ago today, our favorite gray pegasus uttered her first words on screen, starting a mass exhibition of enthusiasm from bronies across the world as they poured their first reactions into chatroom after chatroom. Since then, she's been sort of an icon for the fandom and has also found herself at the center of a bit of controversy.

    What was your reaction when that scene aired? What about today? I, for one, was too involved in streaming to even notice that something happened until I saw the chat whizzing by at 120mph. There have seldom been times when the fandom as a whole was caught so off guard.

    Share your thoughts and stories in the comments section!

  • Spotlight Music: Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu (Feat. Feather) / Changeling Anthem / Hooves Up High (Echelon Remix)

    Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu you say? We really do remix everything in this fandom! If you aren't sure what that is, check out the most recent Rainbow Dash Presents. Lets start with that, followed by an orchestral/industrial Changeling anthem, and finish with another Hooves Up High. Find them all below!

    1.) Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu (Feat. Feather) [Full Cover]
    2.) Changeling Anthem - Pony Empires Complete
    3.) Silva Hound ft. Rina-Chan - Hooves Up High (Echelon Remix)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #692

    Have I ever commented on how awesome Rainbow looks with GIANT wings?  Cause I love giant wings.

    Have some art! 

    [1] Source
    They Are Not Flying Anymore

  • EQD Exclusive Interview: Ryan Lindsay

    Greetings, comic fans! I have a treat for you today.

    IDW- the same folks that have been publishing the recent MLP comics with the million cover variants- are going to be putting out a one-shot comic starring Rainbow Dash sometime in March. To get you pumped up for the release, we have an interview here with the writer, Ryan Lindsay! He came to us eager to share a few facts and interesting tidbits about what he's been working on- including the challenges of getting up to speed with not only generation four but with our community, and exactly how one might go about putting Rainbow Dash in a situation where her ever-present confidence would be put to the test.

    Click on past the break for the full interview.

    And if you want to pick up the comic for yourself, head on over to the pre-order page

  • Story Updates January 21

    Story updates! Now with 20% more not broken. Find them below!

  • Comic: Bliss / Fluttershy's Immortal Coil / The Crusader's Frightening Evening

    Considering Discord can do whatever he pleases I wonder if he really could grant any request made of him? It's be cool to have what amounts to basically a genie as a friend, wouldn't you say?

    Comic time guys! Click for full as always.

  • Game Derps - Beginning / My Name is Dinky Hooves

    Animated comics? Radio Plays? Once again I am at a loss for what to call these! They are entertaining regardless though!

    The first appears to be a reboot of the Game Derps series, complete with new art and voicework.

    And in the second slot is a Dinky Hooves/Derpy comic/video. You can probably guess what kind of story that is going to be!  Prepare yourself for a bit of that heartwarming thing.

    Click the images to check them out!

  • Spike At Your Service - iTunes Version Fixed

    As some of you have already noticed, the iTunes version of Spike at Your Service that used to sound like it was recorded underwater has been fixed.  They never sent a notice out, or gave any kind of indication, so you will need to delete your current one and re-download the new one.  So far this has been confirmed on both 720 and 1080p.

    Thanks to Applebloom22 for the heads up1
  • Spotlight Music: Lights

    Feather and Aviators is too much!  Can you handle that kind of combo? I doubt it.  I know I can't.  You have probably already heard it, but so listen again anyway!

    Below the break.

  • GalaCon Opens Ticket Sales on Jan 26th!

    For our European friends out there, GalaCon has some news for you! Their ticket window opens starting January 26th, so make sure to get your ticket soon for one of Europe's great pony conventions! Full details on the different ticket packages can be found after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #560

    Pinkie pie would be proud of this cake.
    This roundup.... it has so much cake. How many of you would be interested in doing a pony cake event here on EQD? Maybe we can run it after the Snow Pony event?

    Let me know in comments! Anyway, have some roundup!

  • Animation: Let's Go Meet the Bronies

    Jan Animations got permission from the documentary leaders to toss up his "Let's Go Meet the Bronies" video that was included in the film (and split into two parts). It's awesome, and deserves it's own discussion, so get to discussing it! The video can be found after the break.