• GalaCon Opens Ticket Sales on Jan 26th!

    For our European friends out there, GalaCon has some news for you! Their ticket window opens starting January 26th, so make sure to get your ticket soon for one of Europe's great pony conventions! Full details on the different ticket packages can be found after the break.

    Dear loyal subjects,
    the wait is over - At the end of this very January, GalaCon's ticket sale will be open to the public!
    Everyone who attends the second Kallistil livestream event next weekend on the 26th January
    will get the first pick. Attend to not only have a great time with fantastic guests and artists,
    but to be first in line for GalaCon's ticket offers!
    No worries, though - Whether you attend or not, the sale will be open for everyone.

    We worked hard to get three seperate packages prepared:
    - 59€: The STANDARD weekend pass. No fancy bonus perks, but still all the joy of GalaCon for both days!

    - 89€: The PLUS weekend pass. Additionally to admission to the con on both days, you get access to a seperate
    fast lane at con entry. This means less queueing for you whenever you want to check in for the con. Additionally,
    you can check in on Friday already, and you receive an exclusive ticket sponsor shirt!

    - 129€: The BIZZAM weekend pass. You get the perks of the PLUS pass with a Canni figurine on top, exclusive to this level!
    Every additional cent that we make with the sponsor level tickets goes back into the event. And whether you go for a special
    package or the standard starting with the 26th, your support means a lot!

    And no matter your preference in tickets, you all get entrance to a weekend full of pony on the 3./4. August at the
    Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Heaps of fun events, great talents from the community and the show alike
    as well as everything My Little Pony await you! Scootabot Putuk, GameDerps SuperPsyguy and SerenaMidori will be there just
    as much as voice acting talents Michael Pan (German Discord), Julie Basecqz (French Rarity) and Anneli Heed (Swedish Spitfire).

    More to follow, because we got some great things cooking in the background. You will hear how they turn out soon enough!

    Are you excited? Because we're excited - Stay tuned!

    All the best,
    Your GalaCon team