• Keep Calm and Flutter on Clip Pops Up

    We have a teaser of Keep Calm and Flutter On already popping up.  Looks like this is going to be an awesome one! Find it after the break.

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up!

    Now with article!
  • MLP Comic #3 and #4 Delayed a Week Each

    It looks like we are going to be seeing a bit of a delay on the 3rd and 4th MLP comics according to Bobby Curnow, an editor over at IDW.  From his blurb, customs inspection is the cause.  I blame Applejack.

    You can expect to see #3 in the first week of February, and #4 the first week of March.  

    Though if iTunes derps again we may see it early.  Who knows! 

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!
  • Michelle Creber and Natalie Sharp's Speedy and Stretch

    As some of you have probably already realized, Michelle Creber and Natalie Sharp have a new sketch comedy series over on Youtube going by the name of Speedy and Stretch. It might be interesting for those of you that nostalgia out about those old Nickelodeon series. All That anyone?

    Anyway, check it out below the break!

  • Music of the Day #51

    Music of the day time! We have sixteen tracks from various genres.  You know the drill, go check them out below!

  • More Puppet Rigs - Spitfire and Fillies

    Another set of puppet rigs have been released over on Deviant Art from Jordo76.  This time around we have both fillies and Spitfire.  Information on them as well as links can be found over on the deviant art pages found below!


  • Comic: Literally Seriously / Double Trouble / Substitute Teacher / Important Decisions V

    Honestly guys, Twilight is even cuter with wings.  I am perfectly fine with alisparkle.

    Have some comics!

  • Vocal Music: Lovestruck Derpy / Don't You Dare Let Go / who I Am

    We start this one off with a new acoustic rock track dedicated to the Doctor and Derpy from Pon1Kenob1, complete with his usual upbeat style.

    And in the second slot, a new vocal track with Rina Chan, completely a whole bucketload of autotune for those of you that love that stuff.

    Slot #3 is a soft acoustic song dedicated to Fluttershy, because shes shy. You like shy ponies right?

    Head on down below for all of them!

    1.) Lovestruck Derpy + Fade to Grey [EP Release!!]
    2.) Don't You Dare Let Go Feat. Rina Chan - the Phony Brony
    3.) who I Am

  • Poll Results: Who is the Best Horoscope Pony?

    What?! Capricorn lost? How is this possible! she was ahead the entire time!  You guys have ruined me.  EQD is over.

    I'm really hoping they do more with these ponies.  It would be a shame if it ended with the ponyscopes.  They need more love!

  • Drawfriend stuff #688

     Flutershy being fierce edition! We haven't had a header dedicated to her in at least a day. 

    Have some art.

    [1] Source
    *gasp* What's That?

  • Another MLP Comic #3 Variant Pops Up!

    We have yet another variant for the 3rd MLP comic, this time  from the IDW Forums and simply labeled Copy Incentive.  It does look a bit on the G1 side, but maybe some of you older fans will get a kick out of that?

    Thanks to Zionmaster for the heads up!
  • Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #10

    In the brief time that pony customs, sculpts, and crafts have been around we've seen some remarkable things and the volume of creations that are put out by the fandom continue to increase in both quantity and quality. Keep the pony coming you guys!

    Check out some more awesome creations after the break.

    Source 1
    Spike Sculpture (Limited Run For Sale)

  • Simple PMV Compialtion #2

    We have 8 new simple PMV's this time around for you all! Scenes and ponies at their finest.  Head on down past the break for all of them!

  • Spoilery Comics: Keep Calm and Flutter On / Life can be Hard / Blue Genes

    With the new episode popping up in a few days, we have a few spoilery comics this time around based on it's synopsis.  Feel free to avoid them like the plague if you aren't into that stuff!

    On second thought, these aren't too spoilery at all are they... can't hurt to be safe!

  • Welovefine Updates + A short animation with some Pony!

    We Love Fine has added a set of Cutie Mark Crusader shirts to their lineup, and a poster version of the Nightmare Moon nouveau from a while back. 

    And outside of the normal merchandising, they also created a short cartoon with a few pony plugs in in.  Head on down past the break for that one!

  • Nightly Roundup #556

    A few of you have asked me how I do science, so hopefully this picture answers your question. Though honestly I would have hot glued the muffin and the donut together instead of using tape! Derpy does get points for wearing her safety goggles though. Safety first!

    Tiny Roundup tonight, so let's blow right through this one shall we?