• Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #10

    In the brief time that pony customs, sculpts, and crafts have been around we've seen some remarkable things and the volume of creations that are put out by the fandom continue to increase in both quantity and quality. Keep the pony coming you guys!

    Check out some more awesome creations after the break.

    Source 1
    Spike Sculpture (Limited Run For Sale)

    Source 2
    Commission: Sleepy CMC Shadowbox

    Source 3

    Source 4
    Princess Celestia OBEY poster-different materials

    Source 5
    Rarity likes the taste of metal

    Source 6
    King Sombra's Crown

    Source 7
    hand painted fluttershy controller

    Source 8
    commission: hand painted luna controller

    Source 9
    Rarity Filly Handmade Mini Pony Ornament

    Source 10

    Source 11
    Apple Jack

    Source 12
    Rearing Applejack Sculpt

    Source 13
    Rainbow Dash Sculpt

    Source 14
    OC Sculpt

    Source 15
    Nightmare Moon Clay Sculpt

    Source 16
    Luna Scarf

    Source 17
    Little Pip from Fallout Equestria Pony Ornament

    Source 18
    Engraved Silhouettes

    Source 19
    The Great and Powerful Trixie

    Source 20
    Commission: Luna Shadowbox

    Source 21
    Painted wooden box with Luna

    Source 22
    Commission: Fluttershy Shadowbox

    Source 23
    Queen Chrysalis

    Source 24
    Karma and Discentia

    Source 25

    Source 26
    WIP Flim Flam brothers

    Source 27
    Princess Celestia Sculpt

    Source 28
    Something different

    Source 29
    Octavia in Walnut

    Source 30
    Applejack sculpture.

    Source 31
    Reaching The Stars

    Source 32
    Creation Process
    Aluminum Ponies

    Source 33
    R-Dash 5000


    Source 34 - Inciatus
    CMC Lamp


    Source 35
    Pinkie Pie Clock

    Source 36
    Alicorn Amulet


    Source 37
    Pony Pendants


    Source 37
    Sweetie Belle Ornament


    Source 38
    Pony Captain Mal


    Source 39
    Filly Rarity Magnet


    Source 40
    Rarity in a Tux

    Source 41
    Opal Magnet


    Source 42
    Angel Magnet