• PMV: Ignition / Babs Seed - Typography (Stop Motion) / This Day Aria Dubstep

    We start with a PMV filled with excellent synching, followed by a stop motion Babs Seed typography, and finish with some ...dubstep!

    I'll be honest guys, this dub stuff still isn't growing on me. Am I getting old? Is this what it's like to hate modern music?


    1.) [PMV] - Ignition
    2.) Babs Seed - Typography (Stop Motion)
    3.) This Day Aria Dubstep

  • Blind Bag Identification for Wave 7

    As many of you have probably noticed, the wave 7 blindbags are now floating around out there in the wide wide world of retail.  As with the past sets, these also have identification numbers for those searching out a specific pony.  Remmy sent over the full list after purchasing a box of them.  Head on down past the break to check them out! Happy hunting!

  • Ashleigh Ball is answering Questions on the Hub Facebook

    Or over here, not below!
    The Hub is running a surprise Q&A with Ashleigh Ball over on their Facebook page right now.   It looks like it started around 8 minutes ago, so you might be able to get something answered if you are quick! It's already up to 300 comments and counting. 

    Thanks to Gollum999 for the heads up!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #687

    GYROCOPTER edition.  I was going to head this with Celestia and go on a long tangent about how much we still love her even though Luna seems to dominate the blog, but then GYROCOPTER,

    And as a reminder to everyone, be sure to click the source links if you want to full size images (the download section on DA), and comment/like if you do!

    Have some art!  

    [1] Source
    Pinkie and her crazy contraption Mark II

  • Story Updates - January 16th

    Story updates! We ride!

  • Doctor Whooves and Fluttershy Revealed

    Hot Topic tossed this up on their Twitter Page\.  It looks like we finally have an idea of what Fluttershy and Doctor Whooves will look like.  The material appears to be completely different than the Rainbow Dash and Derpy in the last wave.  My OCD is gooing a little crazy there, I still want those ponies though.

    Thanks to Masem for the heads up!
  • Comic: Union of Ponies / That's One Funny Looking Snowpony / Featherless

    An epic battle between the princesses and at least some sort of villain in the show would be awesome in my opinion! Hopefully one day we'll get to see Luna and Celestia in action and kick some serious butt.

    Comics heading at ya! Click for full.

  • Friendship is Witchcraft & Equestria Girls Taken Down

    Hey, readers. As many of you already know, the popular abridged series Friendship is Witchcraft is being blocked from YouTube in the US due to a DMCA claim by Hasbro. According to the creator's twitter, they filed a dispute, but still couldn't get the episodes up.

    In addition, the website equestriagirls.com, which consisted of a YouTube loop of the Equestria Girls advertisement, has also received a takedown request from Hasbro. It is of note that Hasbro recently trademarked the term "Equestria Girls".

    Thanks to everyone who sent this in. We'll post more information as we get it.
  • Ponies Heading to Build-A-Bear Workshop

    It looks like we may be seeing a bit of pony over at Build-A-Bear in the near future.  This was a response found over on their Facebook Page.  The actual store tends to run with a default template then options for personalization throughout, so it could be a good way to get an interesting looking pony depending on what combinations they have available.  Your dark and brooding black alicorn OC with red eyes may be impossible, but a Pinkie Pie wouldn't be too difficult!  Their website lists everything from Angry Birds to Hello Kitty.  Hopefully the pony template is more show accurate than what we usually see!

    Thanks to KShrike for the heads up!
  • Funko Fluttershy and Doctor Whoof Release Window Reveleaed

    Funko has revealed over on Facebook a bit more information on when we will be seeing Fluttershy and Doctor Whooves hit Hot Topic for sale.  February sounds a lot better than the old rumored March release! Hopefully we will see some images of these things pop up soon.  I'm still hoping for a Tardis. 

    thanks to Josh for the heads up!
  • Story: The Coltbert Report (Update Part 6!)

    [Comedy][Adventure][Crossover] It's about time we got a fic like this. It only took you all two years.

    Author: ABagOVicodin
    Description: Princess Celestia is losing control of her political power. The system is slowly crumbling due to the inverse relationship between harmony and freedom.

    With the invitation of television sets, the internet, and instant coffee machines, freedom becomes the preferred theme of the Celestian empire as opposed to harmony.

    With no other options (or perhaps due to a stroke of genius), Princess Celestia brings a self proclaimed expert on freedom to Equestria along with his entire family to create a new show with familiar roots: The Coltbert Report.

    How will his family handle the new Equestrian life? Will Stephen Coltbert be able to return harmony to the land with his mixture of satire and wit? Only time and hundreds of episodes will tell.

    Join Stephen Coltbert as he provides the conservative viewpoint on Equestria so that you don't have to.
    The Coltbert Report (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Colbert Report Ponified Episodes Crossover
  • Discussion: A Background Pony Joins the Main Cast

    It looks like the overlords at toy design are demanding a new pony join the main cast.  Sales on Twi/Dash/Pinkie/ect are falling due to the fact that everyone already owns them.  What better way to advertise than to add a new pony to the spotlight? 

    You have once again been summoned and thrown into the big kids chair with a document labeled "CHOOSE A NEW STAR CHARACTER" and a blank line.  Unfortunately, you are limited to just background characters within the show due to budget constraints - they can't be dropping money on recoloring a new pony! 

    Pick your favorite, give them a 7th element of harmony, and decide on a personality!

  • Unicon Room Rates Increasing Soon!

    What the title says! Per the press release:
    Attention everypony that is coming to Las Pegasus Unicon:

    We have been informed by the Riviera that our special room rate for booking hotel rooms at the Riviera during the convention weekend is ONLY GUARANTEED until 1/27/13. This means that if you have not yet booked your hotel room you should do it before the prices go up.

    Check the full press release after the break for details.

  • Story: Black and White and Red All Over (Update part 5!)


    Author: SuperGiantRobot
    Description: A journey made, a green eye caught, a quest begun, a treasure sought...
    Zecora, the zebra shamaness has lived in the Everfree Forest for some time, but has never gone beyond except for the sake of finding roots and herbs for her potion that her woods cannot supply. But upon making friends with young Applebloom and later Twight and her companions, she has taken it upon herself to travel beyond for a time.

    Stopping at Sweet Apple Acres for a minute to speak with Applejack, she catches the eye of Macintosh. The stallion falls for Zecora at first sight and then does something very poorly thought out to prove himself to her...
    Black and White and Red All Over (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: It's love at first sight

  • Nightly Roundup #555

    Hey everyone, hope you all are having a pleasant evening or day in some cases! As usual we've got some news for you all to dig into tonight, so let's get cracking!

    Check out it all out after the break.