• Story: Black and White and Red All Over (Update part 5!)


    Author: SuperGiantRobot
    Description: A journey made, a green eye caught, a quest begun, a treasure sought...
    Zecora, the zebra shamaness has lived in the Everfree Forest for some time, but has never gone beyond except for the sake of finding roots and herbs for her potion that her woods cannot supply. But upon making friends with young Applebloom and later Twight and her companions, she has taken it upon herself to travel beyond for a time.

    Stopping at Sweet Apple Acres for a minute to speak with Applejack, she catches the eye of Macintosh. The stallion falls for Zecora at first sight and then does something very poorly thought out to prove himself to her...
    Black and White and Red All Over (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: It's love at first sight

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