• Drawfriend Stuff #711

    The "I'm glad I was sitting down or the cute would have given me a heart attack" edition.

    Seth is usually the one in charge of these, so as a result he's the one with the duplicate entry database that the generator I wrote uses. What I'm saying is if there's any duplicates in here from like a week ago, I do apologize. Can't be helped.

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    Secret Santa: Twixie

    [5] Source

    [6] Source
    Rarity Armor

    [7] Source

    [8] Source
    Princess Macintosh

    [9] Source
    Winter Fluttershy

    [10] Source
    Sonic Sparkleboom

    [11] Source

    [12] Source

    [13] Source
    Fluttershy Portrait

    [14] Source
    Rarity Portrait

    [15] Source
    Do Not Worry...

    [16] Source
    Princess Apple Bloom

    [17] Source
    Father and Daughter

    [18] Source
    Commission: Da0Krager

    [19] Source
    Commission: ParfyWarfy

    [20] Source
    The Changeling Queen

    [21] Source
    Those green eyes

    [22] Source
    Stressed Rarity = Frazzled Rarity

    [23] Source
    Lyra Single

    [24] Source
    Spreading chaos (comission)

    [25] Source
    Unicorn Problems

    [26] Source
    A Pink Valentine

    [27] Source
    Luna Questions Coffee

    [28] Source
    Roseluck Leaves the Flower Shop

    [29] Source
    Free fall

    [30] Source

    [31] Source
    5 o'clock

    [32] Source
    This place will change you

    [33] Source
    Twilight's Flying Lesson

    [34] Source
    You Don't Give Coffee to a Filly

    [35] Source
    Commission: Gunslinger Vinyl