• Celestia Radio's Top 100 Music Countdown

    What are you so shocked about, Twilight?

    What? We didn't post the Celestia Radio top 100 pony songs countdown stream that's going on RIGHT NOW?!

    We'd better remedy that immediately!

    Check below the break for the info!

  • Music of the Day #45

    Music of the day time!  As always, I need to beg you guys to include a genre.  It's for your own benefit! Just an extra Genre: X in the email descrption is all you need.

    Have some music!

  • Story: Your Beutifull (Update Part 4!)

    [Shipping][Slice of Life] "And then Twilight Sparkle became a pre-reader." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: theswimminbrony
    Description: On what begins as a normal day, Twilight Sparkle receives a letter of a romantic and (very) grammatically incorrect nature. With the help of her friends and a newly discovered book, Twilight sets out to expose the author of this crime and teach them a lesson in proper grammar. And maybe, just maybe, she'll learn a thing or two about romance along the way.
    Your Beutifull (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle is romantically challenged
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Two Stars / Por el amor de Octavia / Metal Core Pony

    We have a few vocal tracks this time around, starting with another Haymaker/Zahqo collab, followed by a bit of French, and finish with some Metalcore. Check them out below!

    1.) zahqo - Two Stars (feat. Haymaker)
    2.) Por el amor de Octavia (Opera Rock tema principal)[Original]
    3.) Metal Core Pony (Feat. Prince Whateverer) -- Who I Am

  • Story Updates December 30th

    I can't not use this Dash
    I completely forgot to do this today! I blame ponies. Have some story updates.

  • Comic: Secret Agent Derp / Stan Writes a Letter / A Comic / Fall fo the Night / Clock Up!

    Quite the mixed bag this time around.  We have crossovers, serious business, completely ridiculous, and more.  Click for full!

  • Story: Remnants of the Crystal King

    [Dark] "This is a chilling tale with a nice blend of disparate styles that would feel disjointed in the hands of others. I'm glad stories like this are still around." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Troutking
    Description: Twilight discovers the journal of King Sombra, and the unexpected secrets within.
    Remnants of the Crystal King

    Additional Tags: History Corruption Crystals Journal Twilight
  • Comic Cover Sketches on Twitter

    Comic artist Katie Cook has tossed a few MLP sketch covers up on her Twitter page.  So far it's looking like these future variants are going to be pretty neat!  I'm going to have to create a separate book shelf to collect them all one of these days...

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up! 

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Slice of Life / The Strange Adventures of Crackpot / Ask Discord

    Greetings once again explorers of the Tumblr Poniverse! Calpain here yet again with another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight where we highlight tumblrs both big and small in order to recognize them for their hard work! We've got a few for you today we hope you'll enjoy so, let's get started shall we?

    First off time is another Egophiliac favorite and one I have received in my inbox several times. I know I'm late on this one, but hey, better late than never, right? What I'm talking about of course is Ego's tumblr Slice of Life, a wonderful blog that revolves around the Cake family in the near future.

    Starring Mr. and Mrs. Cake, their two kids, Pound and Pumpkin Cake and of course Pinkie Pie you follow the everyday lives of the family as they interact with Ponyville, their friends, and of course each other. Cute, fun, and full of spirit, I recommend it as much as I do Moon Stuck when it was featured a long time ago!

    Slice of Life - Current Page - First Page

    As usual, send in any tumblr suggestions to calpain@equestriadaily.com and don't be afraid to send your own in! I've got quite a few people asking me if that is ok and indeed it is perfectly ok for you to send in your own tumblr as a suggestion as long as it follows EqD posting rules. Now, check after the break for our other two features!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #670

    Considering all the dangerous creatures and magic that surround Equestria it makes you wonder how often conflicts really do occur. Whatever the case, I'm sure our ponies are more than a match for any threat they come across! Especially if they're outfitted with awesome steampunk technology!

    Art time you guys!

    Source 1
    This is War

  • "Spike at Your Service": Episode Followup

    Cereal Velocity is a man of many tolerances. If any of you doubt me, go ask PK why he continues to enjoy posting privileges here. When I met CV at Everfree, I came away from our conversations filled with awe at the glory of his perfect soul. He was the Norman Rockwell father figure I never had.

    One day, Seth asked him to write the followup for this episode. Cereal refused. He then stormed out of the hypothetical Equestria Daily office building, going on to profane Applejack's name as he came to bed last night. I have since sent his ruined remains out to three of my relatives for safekeeping, and now this episode followup falls to me, CouchCrusader, to complete.

    Hit the break for an (image heavy!) background-pony-free recap, since many of you non-believers don't seem to understand just how awesome Applejack and Spike actually are.

  • Spotlight Music: Chasing the Wind / Little Miss Rarity / Aloe & Lotus

    Number one is making me all nostalgic and I haven't the slightest clue why.  It reminds me of one of those Japanese RPG's from the PS2 era, so that might be it. 

    We have two instrumentals and a vocal rock track in the middle to break them up. head on down below!

    1.) Chasing the Wind (Orchestral)
    2.) Little Miss Rarity. Artist: Ethan Teel
    3.) Nicolas Dominique - Aloe & Lotus (Chillout)

  • Spike at Your Service BGM

    As is the norm, MrNewbyNewb has ripped some notable BGM Tracks from the recent episode.  Spike at your Service was one of the more actiony ones we have seen in a while, and these definitely reflect that!

    Have some links:

    Runaway Balloon
    The Everfree Forest
    Touching Moment
    The Timberwolves

  • Comic: The Perfect Gift / Muffin Talk / The Annoying Porange

    As the year begins to draw to a close I hope you all have been able to reflect back on your year fondly and that your holidays have been merry and bright! Anyhow, time for some more comics you guys!

    Click for full view as usual.