• Celestia Radio's Top 100 Music Countdown

    What are you so shocked about, Twilight?

    What? We didn't post the Celestia Radio top 100 pony songs countdown stream that's going on RIGHT NOW?!

    We'd better remedy that immediately!

    Check below the break for the info!

    Come one! Come all! To the Celestia Radio Top 100 Brony Songs of 2012 New Year's Eve Marathon! That's right, all day starting at midnight TONIGHT we'll be counting down the top Brony songs of 2012 to usher in the new year, ending with the #1 song of 2012 with the coming of the new year, 12AM EST January 1st. So if you're just looking for some live DJ action Celestia Radio style, or want to see what you've missed in the Brony Music world the past year, give us a listen all day from 12AM EST tonight until 12AM EST January 1st, 2013. Link is http://www.ponify.me