• Seeds of Kindness 2 - Piles of Updates

    Seeds of Kindness has released a whole bunch of new updates for all you charity lovers out there.  Everything from progress to Christmas presents for donors.  Head on down past the break for their full press release!

  • Discussion: Have any Ponies Influenced You Personally?

    It's no secret, the community overall tends to connect on a pretty personal level with the characters in the show.  Maybe Rainbow Dash and her goal to join the Wonderbolts has motivated you into trying something you didn't think was possible, or Twilight's ORGANIZATION convinced you to keep your school binder more organized.  I know Sweet Apple Acres had me eating loads of apples for a month or two a while back.

    Of course, the actual pony community has probably been more invasive than anything the show pulled off, but this discussion is going to revolve specifically around the ponies themselves!  So choose a pony, and describe how they have effected your every day life.

    If this doesn't relate to you in any way, go draw some Luna.  We need more Luna. 

  • Comic: Building Bridges / A Day in the Candy Clouds

    We have a bit of Rainbowsparkle (or Twilightdash, honestly I don't keep up with those anymore!) romance for all you shipping fans out there this time around in the first slot.  It's at fifteen pages right now and still ongoing.  Click the image and following the links in the description to continue on with the story!

    And in slot two, some Discord, because why not. 

  • Story: The Powers That Be (New Part 7!)


    Author: OtterMatt
    Description: These days, alicorns are a symbol of royalty, power, and freedom. When an alicorn is born, the parents rejoice. But it was not always so.
    Once, alicorns were pitied. Once, the ponies of Equestria had no freedom. Once, Discord ruled over the land with an iron paw.
    And yet, fate always finds its champions, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.
    The Powers That Be (Update Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Origin stories, worldbuilding, and EPICNESS
  • Instrumental Music: One morning in the Sweet Apple Acres / Princess of Dreams / Clouds (Vortex Remix)

    We have two instrumental tracks and a remix of one of Omnipony's instrumental tracks this time around. Genres can be found next to their songs in the list below!

    1.) MLP FIM - Windskyed - One morning in the Sweet Apple Acres (Acoustic)
    2.) Zykrath - Princess of Dreams (Orchestral)
    3.) Omnipony - Clouds (Vortex Remix) (Electronic)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #667

    Lightning pony edition, because even though I can't remember her full name right now, she deserves some love too!   That and this image is awesome. 

    Source 1

  • Story Updates December 27th

    Story updates! Now go read stuff.

  • Pony Comic Variants at Hot Topic

    It looks like Hot Topic is jumping on the variant bandwagon with a few new covers for the pony comic of their own.  Both issue #1 and #2 are available for pre-order over on their website for $10.50 right now. Head on over here to pick them up! How they are getting away with that Tardis, I will never know.

    Thanks to Kelsey for the heads up!
  • Episode Revealed: "Just for Sidekicks"

    In their January press release, Discovery released a few episodes planned for various shows, including a new pony one coming up on the 26th with the title of "Just For Sidekicks". 

    Head on down past the break for the synopsis to avoid the usual spoilery things!

    Thanks to Kim and everyone else that sent it in! 

  • Artist Training Grounds - Family Reunion Submissions

    I blame Applejack for the lateness on this post.  Sorry about that!

    Apples and reunions are abound this time around! I'm loving some of the creativity in this one.  Even those of you that decided to draw anticosial ponies who hate reunions are cool in my book.

    Anyway, I'll quit blabbering and get the art out.  Have the embedded entries after the break! There were 169 this time around.   Not bad considering the whole Christmas thing. 

  • Mine Little Crafty Minecraft Server

    A new minecraft server has opened up with some pretty badass architecture to invade.  A whole bunch of pony cities are completely built from the ground up after months of painstaking work.  It's pretty damn awesome to say the least.   Head on down past the break for information on how you can hop in to check it out, as well as a trailer. 

  • Window To Equestria - 3D Ponies Everywhere

    The semi-complicated Window to Equestria program from months ago has been simplified exponentially and uploaded to the Android store for anyone with a mobile phone capable of running it.   All you need is a printer, or some screen to project the markers on (Tablet projecting, phone scanning in my case), and you can have 3D ponies hangin' out next to you in vitrualreal3dlife.  It's kind of neat seeing a pony on your desktop that you can view from all angles that isn't a toy!

    Anyway, head on over to the android store page to pick it up.   Just print out the markers (also on the page) and use the app to scan around.  Now if only we could do this sort of thing without a phone or tablet to view it through...  I'd guess ten years or so before projection technology catches up! Hopefully...

  • Nightly Roundup #538

    I had to borrow some Equestria Prevails for this one due to my new obsession with a certain chivalrous indie game filled with medieval warfare.  The hours! they fly by! And I'm still horrible at archer.

    Uhh, anyway have some nightly roundup stuff.  It's a short one.

    (Kickstarter is the greatest thing ever)

  • Music of the Day #44

    Who's a silly pony, your a silly pony, who is? You is! Luna!

    That doesn't work nearly as well with Luna as it does Applejack.

    Have some music!