• Window To Equestria - 3D Ponies Everywhere

    The semi-complicated Window to Equestria program from months ago has been simplified exponentially and uploaded to the Android store for anyone with a mobile phone capable of running it.   All you need is a printer, or some screen to project the markers on (Tablet projecting, phone scanning in my case), and you can have 3D ponies hangin' out next to you in vitrualreal3dlife.  It's kind of neat seeing a pony on your desktop that you can view from all angles that isn't a toy!

    Anyway, head on over to the android store page to pick it up.   Just print out the markers (also on the page) and use the app to scan around.  Now if only we could do this sort of thing without a phone or tablet to view it through...  I'd guess ten years or so before projection technology catches up! Hopefully...

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