• Music of the Day #37

    Twelve songs this time around last time I checked.  You guys sure do love making the music.

    Head on down past the break for all of them!

  • Comic: Diamond Tiara / I Accidently Oranges / Alarm Clock / Headless Pinkie

    Cloning pools, Levitating animals, Headless horses, and CAKE.  Time for comics!

  • Big Apple Ponycon Announces Katie Cook, Exclusive VIP Events, and More

    Katie Cook has been signed on to attend Big Apple Ponycon for all of you following the ridiculously popular pony comic series.  And if big names aren't your thing, a whole pile of other fandom favorites, as well as some neat pre-sale swag.  Head on down past the break for the full press release!

  • Daring Do Adventures: Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone

    Looking to entertain your ears for a bit? Pony in a box has released the start of yet another new series, this time dedicated to Daring Do instead of Doctor Whooves.    Head on down past the break to check it out!

    And in other news: Daring Do sounds like the best teacher ever.  I want to take Awesome Archeology now. 

  • MLP Online: Sprites Released

    With the takedown of MLP: Online, the entire pack of sprites for the game have been released  to do whatever you damn well please with.   It's a pretty massive bundle of ponies, with piles of animations per as you can see from the image above.  Each one has a full set, including variations based on what they are wearing (robe and hat versions in Trixie's case).

    Head on over here to grab them! If you have a pony game, or something pony related you are working on, they might come in handy!
  • PMV: DJ / 2x Pinkie Pie

    A bit of typography, a bit of custom animation, and a whole bunch of neat lip synicing, I'd say that first one is a pretty solid start to this post.

    And if a PMV isn't your thing, have some half PMV half YTPMV in the second slot as a bonus.  I honestly don't know what specific category to put that one in!
  • Simple Games: Thrack - It Trixie / Animal Juggling / Rainbow's Tail

    So what exactly does Trixie distrust about wheels? The game above hopes to answer that.  Wheels are freakin douchebags. 

    We also have some animal juggling and an oddly controlled Rainbow Dash game.  It took me a while to figure out how to go backwards in that one.

    Click the images to go play!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #649

    And then suddenly Rainbow Dash lost 10 points on the "cute ponies sleeping" scale.  Even Scootaloo is terrified.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    That Sound
  • Story Updates December 9th

    I bet no one reads this caption, so Trixie is best pony.

  • "Sleepless in Ponyville": Episode Followup

    Did you guys miss me?

    Scootaloo's obsession with and hero-worship complex involving Rainbow Dash has often been the butt of jokes within both the show and the fandom, so it was a real treat to learn that we were getting an episode that addressed the issue in a deeper fashion than having Scootaloo wear a hat that looks like Rainbow Dash's mane (however funny that might have been). This episode doesn't disappoint on that premise- like Read it and Weep for Rainbow Dash, it sets up a good foundation for further interaction between these two characters, as well as continuing such interaction and growth between other supporting characters.

    A tale of entertainment, nightmares, unexpected character appearances, and every character being generally awesome lies beyond the page break. Come on- let's followup.

  • Music: Song of the Night

    Just in case you haven't already heard it, Mandopony released a pretty damn amazing Luna song! Head on down past the break to check it out.

  • 20% off Michelle Creber's Music Shop

    Michelle Creber (or Apple Bloom as you all know her in the show) has created a brand new holiday themed CD,  and in honor of it's release comes a 20% discount on anything you want at her music shop.  All you need to do is toss the code jinglealltheway in at checkout for drop in price for your entire order.  Support her singing career and get some music in return! Sounds like a win/win to me!

    You can find everything right over here!

    And have some ponified credit cards as a bonus.  I don't know if I'd go with that Discord company, but Equestria Express sounds reasonable. 

  • Comic: Loose Ends / Derpy the Teacher / I Dream of Luna / Interrogation

    Comics you say? Have a few!  Lots of crossoveryness today, so if you don't get it be sure to check the DA description!

  • Short Animation: Scootaloo's Worst Nightmare / Pinkie's Piano / Spitfirelicious

    We have some shorties this time around, starting with camping Scootaloo, midding with a bit of Pinkie Pie dancing, and finishing with some Spitfirelicious.  Click for full!

  • Nightly Roundup #520

    I was going to header this with some Scootaloo, but this image was too awesome not to use.  Rainbow Dash is best pony. 

    Have some nightly roundup stuff!