• Big Apple Ponycon Announces Katie Cook, Exclusive VIP Events, and More

    Katie Cook has been signed on to attend Big Apple Ponycon for all of you following the ridiculously popular pony comic series.  And if big names aren't your thing, a whole pile of other fandom favorites, as well as some neat pre-sale swag.  Head on down past the break for the full press release!

    It is with the deepest pleasure that Big Apple Ponycon presents to you a wave of exciting news! (Want to get the first scoop on these announcements? Follow our Twitter!)

    Firstly, we are delighted to introduce Ms. Katie Cook, known for her writing work on the official My Little Pony comic from IDG Publishing. Prior to her work on the MLP comic, Ms. Cook has done work for Star Wars, the Jim Henson Company, Marvel Comics and more. She's also the creator of the popular weekly webcomic Gronk: A monster's story You can follow Ms. Cook on Twitter at @katiecandraw.

    Secondly, bringing the beats, we're bringing to you the one and only Mic the Microphone! Mic is a well-known musician, rapper, and aspiring VA who should need no introduction among fans of G4 pony fan-music. Be sure to check out his Youtube page or give him a follow on Twitter!

    Mic will be MCing our new musical event-within-an-event, the Coltella Music Festival! Working together with Coltella organizer (and Big Apple Ponycon A/V chief) Kezzsim, Mic is sure to bring in the most amazing acts from the pony music scene.

    We'd also like to announce a couple of celebrity brony artists joining our vendor roster: Tsitra360 and Toxic-Mario! Both of these ponies are seasoned MLP fan artists, and both have works available for sale via WeLoveFine/MightyFine (Tsitra360 here, Toxic-Mario here).

    And now for the most urgent news of all: Exclusive, ultra-limited VIP events and autograph vouchers!

    We are delighted to announce a series of VIP charity events starring the one and only Tara Strong! Admission is EXTREMELY LIMITED and includes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine with Tara at a formal dinner (just 30 seats available) or one of two casual luncheons (just 60 seats available). No further seats will be opened up, and once they're gone, they're gone forever! Each voucher will entitle the holder to a fabulous meal with the Taralicious one in a "meet and greet" environment, plus a signed, framed photograph of you with Tara! Other VIPs will also join the event, so stay tuned.

    But buy your tickets now, since there are just 30 for each event-- for a convention with a cap of 2,000! Note please that these VIP events require the prior or concurrent purchase of an admission ticket to the convention itself.

    We are also opening autograph voucher sales for Ms. Strong's autograph! These are available from our store page, and will not be sold at the event itself. (This is how we guarantee that you won't be stuck in an autograph ticket line all day-- there won't be an autograph ticket line!)

    There are a limited quantity available, so be sure to snag them now before we're sold out!

    Rounding out the news, we also have special deals on convention T-shirts and posters. These will just get more expensive as time goes on, so-- you know the drill-- order them today!

    Speaking of things getting more expensive: A basic 2-day admission ticket is just $50 now, but this will be going up to $65 on December 28, so buy now while they're cheap!

    Two final announcements:

    1) Our hotel group rate should be live within the next few days! Follow our Twitter for more information, or keep a watch on our home page. Once the block fills up, we will attempt to obtain a block of rooms at another hotel within walking distance.

    2) Response from the vendor community for space in our Marketplace ("Artist's Alley" / vendor area) has been absolutely electric! We are completing processing of the first wave of applications, and are opening up for a second wave of vendor applicants. To get on our mailing list, go to our Vendors page and follow the instructions!

    Whew! As you can tell, it's been a VERY busy week for us! But this is just the beginning. Expect more incredible announcements! For now, go snag those tickets and vouchers-- even the higher-priced tickets are selling well, and at this rate we'll be sold out of them soon!

    /) EXCELSIOR! (\

    ~ The Big Apple Ponycon team ~

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