• When Pinkie Pie Runs Out of Sugar...

    When Pinkie Pie runs out of sugar, absolutely terrifying things happen. Find out after the break.

  • Vocal Music: Love and Tolerate / The Long Way From Equestria Project / Rarity

    We start this one off with a bit of upbeat rock based on the Band of Bronies submission Meghan McCarthy released awhile back, followed by a collab between a whole bunch of people, and finish with some rap! Find them below.

    1.) Love and Tolerate (Feat CrackingLazer)
    2.) The Long Way From Equestria Project
    3.) Rarity

  • PMV: Featherweight's Photo Album / Don't Stop

    A PMV dedicated to Featherweight? It looks like he has been sneaking around behind the scenes in all the episodes if this is any indication!

    1.) [PMV] My Little Pony: Featherweight's photo album
    2.) [PMV] - Don't Stop

  • Wallpaper Compilation #67


    I honestly don't remember what compilation number we're on. Sorry. You get what you pay for.

  • Derpy Prototype and a Bit More Information on the Vinyl Figurines Overall

    Fuwa Fuwa over on the Funkofanatic forums recently purchased these two prototypes off of Gemini Collectables, both hailing from the same set.

    And in other news, we haven't completely confirmed this yet, but someone noted that the Funko booth at Comic Con was announcing a set of Rainbow Dash, Derpy, and Vinyl Scratch for Hot Topic.  Again though, this was quite a while ago, and we don't have any tangible evidence for it, but so far it does fit the mold on what Hot Topic is actually carrying.  Derpy, Scratch, and Rainbow are pretty much their big three.

    Thanks to Christine and Valeria for the tips!
  • Story: Hay Loft

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Inky Swirl
    Description: Applejack has a voice that will not leave her alone. It isn't just some crazy magic or hallucination--she feels something physically and hears somepony speaking. Night after night, she's pushed it away, but it keeps coming back to try again. What is it that this voice wants from her? Why does her chest hurt so much? What does it all mean, and if she accepts it, how can she come to terms with the truth?
    Hay Loft

    Additional Tags: Heart, Desires, Destiny, Thought, Feels

  • Possible Vinyl Molded Figures on the Way

    Our dreams may have finally become a reality (minus the whole we aren't hanging with actual ponies yet). A seller on Ebay has this Rainbow Dash up with the label of "prototype".  outside of another mold popping up on a website called geminicollectables, nothing else is really known.  Hopefully it's legit, on it's way, and won't cost 100 bucks!     I guess we will just have to keep an eye on the Funko website, where they do in fact produce vinyl figurines. 

    Thanks to the armada of people that sent it! 

    More images after the break.

  • Canterlot Gardens Retrospective: Calpain

    Cloudy skies hung over the greater Ohio area as I busily prepared for what would be my second convention, pony or otherwise. Unlike BronyCon though my mind was awash with the responsibilities and promises I had made to others concerning the convention. With gifts to deliver and fellow bronies to transport to the event my pockets were filled with enough lists to make Twilight proud. But despite this I was excited, not only to experience the convention but to also meet new people and to meet my friends.

    Driving off from Athens that cloudy Friday afternoon, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that pony lay ahead and that one heck of a weekend was promised to most certainly occur. And what a weekend it was.

    If you're interested in a certain science pony's experiences as he got sucked into the hustle and bustle of the convention, then read on my good folks! You can check it all out after the break.

  • Hot Topic Adds Robe and Lounge Pants

    Hot topic seems to really be loving our little fandom here.  It's almost a weekly occurrence at this point to see new merch tossed up. 

    This time around, we have a bath robe (complete with pony ears) going for $40, and some lounge pants for $20. 

    Thanks to Stitch and Katie for the links!
  • Game Trailer: TEMNO - Limbo Style Ponies

    Ponies are expanding into the creepy world of Limbo once again! TEMNO is an in-progress game by a guy going by the name of Astinov.   Apparently he's painting all of this with his Nintendo DS too, imagine that?  

    Anyway, head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Walmart Releases a Brony Shirt - Completely Misses

    Ahh Walmart... what would we do without your low low prices and silly customers?   It looks like the big guys over there want to cash in on the brony phenomenon, but they seem to have gotten one key factor wrong here.  I'll let you guess.

    Thanks to Shawn for the image!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #588

    That's what they need to do to make Applejack popular.  Replace her hoof with a blessed silver bullet revolver and have her chase after some vampires for a couple of episodes! It would be perfect. She already has the stubborn attitude and love of wide brim hats. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    God Bless you!
  • Story Updates October 7th (Afternoon)

    Stories and updates! Charge!

  • Awesome PMV: Smile Song - Tombstone Mix

    I love awesome PMV's.  Do you love awesome PMV's?    I guess this is more typography, but it has enough PMV Elements to count as both!

    Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Comic: Errands / Eagle Eye / The Story of MandoFire

    Twilight might work Spike a little too hard at times, but at the end of the day she still really cares for the little guy. Here's to some more character development between these two!

    Comic folks! Click for full.

  • Music: These Frozen Lands // Gladiators // Regret

    When I sit alone, come get a little known,
    but I need more than myself this time.
    Step from the road to the sea to the sky,
    and I do believe that we rely on.

    Two instrumentals and a vocal track for you this morning. A Crystal Empire battle theme, something inspired by Leage of Legends, and a sad Trixie song, because all Trixie stuff is sad. Because she's a tragic character or something, I dunno. I think her mane is kind of dumb. Judge if you wish.

    1) Kyoga - These Frozen Lands (Crystal Empire Battle Theme)
    2) Frenssu - Gladiators
    3) Regret - A song about Trixie

  • Lauren and Tara Attending the Safari Social Fundraiser

    Hey! You like animals, right? Of course you do! Additionally, do you like supporting wildlife reserves and charities at the same time! Who wouldn't! And, for the final piece of this multi-layered cake analogy, do you like Lauren Faust and Tara Strong in the same place? By golly, I think we've got a winner on our hooves. Let's make this happen.

    Lauren tweeted yesterday that Tara Strong and herself would be at the Safari Social Animal Care Fundraiser this weekend! If you'll take a look at the itinerary, there's a lot to look forward to besides our guests of honor. So, if you're in the vicinity (of Los Angeles), you might want to check it out! Here's the link, if you're interested.

    Pet some falcons!

  • Nightly Roundup #460

    Cadance is in charge of the Roundup tonight while Shining pulls another late shift. His duties as Captain never end do they? Guess we can stay up late with her as we read the news, eh?

    Check it all out after the break.