• Welovefine Giving Away Posters and Shirts

    For all of you with a facebook account (so pretty much all of you), Welovefine has a facebook contest going on between their two shirts based on the Wal-Mart promo posters.   It looks like depending on how many comments they get, up to three sets of shirt + poster will be passed out to the masses!

    Head on over to their facebook page to give it a shot!

    Protip: Villains are cooler, just sayin~ 
  • Ponycraft: Tainted Skies, Engine Progress and Fog of War

    The RTS in progress, Ponycraft, has a new video showing off the actual engine being used, and an explanation on how the Fog of War will work.  Anyone that has ever played an RTS or MOBA game has probably run into it at some point, but probably didn't think twice about how exactly it works! It's pretty fascinating to see this one built up over time. 

    Check out the video here!
  • Amazing Custom Ties!

    It's been quite awhile since we had some cool pony related clothing to share that came in such variety and quality. A craftsmen going by the name of RaptorArt Studios is currently in the business of making awesome pony themed ties which you can see above.

    Ponies from the show not suiting your attire? Well, Raptor is willing to make ties featuring people's OCs, so if you want a piece of clothing with your very own pony on it here is your chance. Check out links to his pages below and give him a visit if you're interested!

    DeviantArt Page
    Facebook Page 
  • Discussion: Your Pony Story

    With the arrival of season 3 on the horizon it's easy to get introspective and reflect on how far we've really come. Has it been two seasons already? Have we already gone through two long pony droughts? Pony has a long history and will undoubtedly have a long and winding future ahead of it.

    But Pony isn't the only thing with a history though, each and every fan of the show both old and new has their own story to tell. How they first discovered the show, their reactions, how they found the fandom and the fond memories and deepest fears they experienced.

    This post is for you guys tonight! I know how often you all like to reflect in my Blast from the Past posts so how about we take some time to listen to your own pony tales? Share your history in the comments below!
  • Convention Compilation - October 5th

    This fandom just loves it's conventions, and we have a ton of them on the way.  Headlines below, and information after the break!
    • Nightmare Night Con Announced
    • Equestriacon Monthly Submission Contest
    • WinterMoon Celebration Announced
    • PHPonyCon 2013 Website Up + Donations  
    • Silly Filly Con Seeking Additional Staff
  • Ponies invade Jeopardy

    It looks like one of the contestants on Jeopardy today was a fan of ponies.  His introduction was the following:
    "I'm a big fan of the My Little Pony show which has been a internet phenomenon recently.  I started watching it 'cause some of my friends like to watch it, and it's kind of nice. It's sort of like a sitcom where everything ends up nice in the end".  
    Sadly there wasn't much of a response to it, but at least we invaded Jeopardy right?

    Video after the break! 

  • Comic: Shining Armor Gets a Foal Sitter

    We have a pretty huge multi-parter this time around, following the story of Cadance and Shining Armor's early lives.  Some pages are fully colored, while others remain line art.  Overall it's a pretty solid one though! Start here, and continue on in the description.
  • Poll Results: Who needs a Character Building Backstory Episode?

    Honestly, I didn't expect Trixie to even come close to the others in this, let alone win.  I guess she really is loved!

    Season three can't come soon enough.  From the sounds of it, both her and Discord are going to get some air time, with a visit to Chrysalis's kingdom in the comic in November.

    Anyway, onward to the next poll:   In celebration of the upcoming Nightmare Night, Who had the best costume last season?

  • Drawfriend Stuff #586

    Snowboarding edition! Just a few months away! I'm totally going to learn how to do it this year.

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
    Catching some air
  • Story Updates October 5th (Afternoon)

    We have just three this time around.  Find them all below!

  • Music: DOODLE / 'Discord' For Orchestra / Christmas in Equestria (Twitch Remix)

    We have a mix of stuff this time around! First off is a new vocal track from M_Pallante, followed by an orchestral remix of Discord, and finally some electronic Christmas in Equestria.  Check them out below!

    1.) M_Pallante - DOODLE
    2.) Eurobeat Brony (The Living Tombstone Remix) 'Discord' For Orchestra
    3.) Archie - Christmas in Equestria (Twitch Remix)

  • Trailers and SFM: The Gypsy Bard / Chaos is Magic / Sin City - Ponified Trailer

    Source Filmmaker is back with a bit of Gypsy bard! Followed by a Discord style FiM opening, and a bit of Sin City ponified. Check them out below the break!

    1.) [Source Filmmaker] [Pony] The Gypsy Bard
    2.) Chaos is Magic | MLP: Friendship Is Magic
    3.) Sin City - Ponified Trailer

  • New Welovefine Shirts - Kids Stuff and Collage Poster Style!

    Welovefine has expanded their stock of shirts yet again! For those of you out there with kids, a whole bunch of stuff for them has popped up.   It looks like those primarily focus on neat crayon style.  Honestly I wouldn't mind an adult size of them!

    And if you just can't get enough of those new wal-mart posters, they have both the villian and season two version available in shirt form.  You also get a free poster to toss up on your wall!

    Head on over to their pony section to check it all out.

    And images after the break!

  • Instrumental Music: Dreams/ A day of Crusading / You Will Not Remember Me

    Quite the mix this time around!  Genres can be found below.

    1.) Dreams - dBPony (Rock)
    2.) A day of Crusading (Orchestral)
    3.) You Will Not Remember Me (Background Pony fan music) (Chill)

  • Nightly Roundup #458

    I know at least one of you guys suggested Soarin' for header so have a pic of our pie loving stallion! Calpain back after finally beating down this Con Crud with science (actually lots of sleep, but science sounds cooler).

    On to the news!