• Convention Compilation - October 5th

    This fandom just loves it's conventions, and we have a ton of them on the way.  Headlines below, and information after the break!
    • Nightmare Night Con Announced
    • Equestriacon Monthly Submission Contest
    • WinterMoon Celebration Announced
    • PHPonyCon 2013 Website Up + Donations  
    • Silly Filly Con Seeking Additional Staff

    Nightmare Night Con Announced

    Hi there! I just want the world to know we have ourselves a pony convention in Denver Colorado scheduled for october of next year! there will be an EverFree forest Haunted house, Charity Art Auctions, games, and fun! registration is open! details on GOH will appear later this month! full details are here www.facebook.com/nightmarenightfestival
    Official Website to be up this month too! Just waiting on our banner artists and our awesome tech guy!

    Equestriacon Monthly Submission Contest

    The Equestricon Facebook page is having a contest on the page cover and this month's theme is Nightmare Night! A contestant has to draw something Nightmare Night related, but make sure it has Salt Lick in it and it's safe. If one wants to do a profile pic, that works, too. But make sure she's recognizable. Submit your art by sending us a Facebook message and remember, the submissions deadline is the 15th, so don't miss out!

    Here's the link to submit your work:

    WinterMoon Celebration Announced

    The first major MLP:FIM Convention in the Southeast - WinterMoon Celebration!

    WinterMoon Celebration is a three day event to be held on January 18th - 20th, in Atlanta Georgia, at the spacious downtown Atlanta Sheraton. (Some may recognize this as one of the main hotels where DragonCon is held!) 

    The con will feature a vendors area, guests and guest panels, art show, charity auction, dances, costume contests and much more!  These ponies don't want to party, these ponies want to PAR-TAY!   Come join us in three days of fun and friendship in amazing downtown Atlanta!  
    Wintermoon Atlanta is being run and organized from members of both the North Carolina and Georgia Brony Community who thought it was high time for a con in the southeast and one can hardly ask for a better venue than Atlanta.

    For more information please visit our website at http://www.wintermoonatlanta.com or e-mail us at [email protected] 

    Hope to see you there!

    PHPonyCon 2013 Website Up + Donations 

    The PHPonyCon 2013 website is now up and running! Yes, it looks a bit plain, but it's better if we keep the layout in a minimalist look. Anyway, all valuable information (programs, activities, exhibits, etc.) and updates will be added here within the site. As for the pre-registration form, it'll still be in the same address.

    Also, we Philippine Bronies have a good amount of funds to run the 2nd PHPonyCon but we need a bit more, so starting today, you may now donate via PayPal. Dustin Tan (dd_tan06) is one of our organizers and he handles our finances, in case you notice his e-mail address. You may now donate thru this link!
    Help us make this second PHPonyCon way better, everypony!

    Silly Filly Con Seeking Additional Staff

    Fillies and Gentlecolts, Ponies and Bronies of all ages. Our first convention was a huge success. We here at Silly Filly Con are looking to expand. Go big or go home right? We like the former. But first, we need some help. We are looking for some talented individuals to help us make our next convention an even bigger success. If you are interested in helping out, live in or near Kansas City, or are willing to attend virtual meetings, please visit our website for a full list of what we are looking for. You can help make our MLP convention become one of the premier pony cons in North America! www.sillyfillycon.org/staff

    Some of what we looking for:

    · Media and Content Creation Coordinator

    · Panels Coordinator

    · Contests Coordinator

    · Volunteer Coordinator