• New Collection Sets Popping up at Toys R' Us

    It looks like the second wave of the collection sets are starting to show up on store shelves.  Pixelkitties recently ran into these two at a nearby Toys R' Us. Apparently they had the Applebloom / Diamond Tiara group as well.

    I'll probably start calling around tomorrow for them. Time to go hunting! Hopefully they can keep them in stock this time!

  • YTPMV: PONY HAMMER RED ZONE / Jazz Pony Evening / Canterlit Castle Façade

    YTPMV's are just crazy.

    Have some of those if you are into it!

    2.) Jazz Pony Evening
    3.) Canterlit Castle Façade

  • Spanish TV reports on Bronies

    It's a shorter one, but its subtitled and positive. Check out LaSexta's report on Ponydom after the break!

  • John de Lancie Interviewed on SFX

    SFX recently did an interview with John de Lancie about his role in the upcoming Bronycon Documentary, as well as some Star Trek stuff!  It sounds like progress on the film is going well, so hopefully we will see it too!

    Until then, hit up the interview here!
  • Giant Trixie Cake!

    We get a lot of cake her on EQD, most with either a drawing of a pony on it, or a flat surface shape.  It looks like the fandom has evolved once again though, with a full on 3D Trixie cake!

    This one was made for Pixelkitties at Canterlot Gardens by a professional cake decorator going by the name of Laura.  Apparently she has already created a Pinkie Pie too in the past!

    Speaking of cake, how many of you would want to see a cake event here?  I am not too sure how popular something like that would be, but it might be worth a shot!

    Anyway, enjoy some Great and Powerful cake.  You earned it.

  • Huffington Post Brony Article

    The Huffington Post has also joined in on reporting about the pony apocalypse.  Their recent article talks about everything from the psychology, Andrew W.K.'s experience at Canterlot Gardens.  Go check it out here!

    And props to Huffington Post for finally getting the right generation for their header image!  I think they are the first big name news site to pull that one off!
  • Hotdiggedydemon's CG panel Video

    Hotdiggedydemon tossed a cartoon out for Canterlot Gardens, and now it is on his Youtube channel.  Due to the obvious regulations of a family friendly con, it's actually worksafe too! Imagine that.

    Find it below!

  • Story Updates October 2nd (Afternoon)

    Gordon Freemane in ponyland.  Only in fanfics. 

    Have some updates!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #583

    This drawfriend... so many of these images are now in my wallpaper folder.  It's a short one, but the art is epic!

    Source 1
    Canterlot Siblings

  • Ponies invade Jerry Springer

    Image Source: Uproxx.com
    It looks like Jerry Springer grabbed some people for a brony show.  The highlights on their Youtube page aren't too bad, they don't actually appear to be bronies though.  One is cosplaying as something I haven't got a clue on.  Who knows though!  I expected worst, but this is only a snippet.  Check it out after the break!

  • Story: The Soul of a Pony (Update - Sequel Complete!)

    [Slice of Life] "A clever framing device, effective use of symbolism, and a closer look into the minds of my favorite colorful talking magical equines? I'm sold." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Gizogin
    Description: When Twilight reads about a way to look into a pony's soul, she decides to try it out on her friends. Will she like what she sees, or will the secrets they keep in their hearts drive her away?
    The Soul of a Pony
    The Wyrd of a Dragon (New Sequel Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight stares into your soul

  • Animation: Batman Hates Broneis

    Well I don't like batman either!  Deadpool is way cooler!

    Check this one out after the break.

  • Comic: The bad guy role / [Flash]CMC Growing Up / Baby Discord, Peek-A-Lulu

    We have a bit of Twilight and Spike in the old days, a Cutie Mark Crusaders flash comic, and more of that filly(?) Discord.  Click for full!

  • Two Best Sisters Play: Resident Evil 4

    2Snacks has finally released the Two Best Sisters Play - Resident Evil 4 that was teased a while back! Join Luna and Celestia as they defeat the zombie hordes, and save the presidents daughter... or whatever the story was in that game.  I haven't played it in forever. 

    Anyway, it's Celestia and Luna giving each other crap, just go for it!

    After the break of course!