• Music: Summer cover // Another Fashion Show? // Inner Struggle //

    Celestia is happy cause it's a music post. That's my story.

    Two remixes and a vocal track for you this hour: a cover of Summer Days, a remix of the background song from Green Isn't Your Color, and some metal for Nightmare Moon.

    1) [Chi-chi] - Summer cover (thanks for 300+ subs!)  
    2) Another Fashion Show?
    3) Inner Struggle - Black Electric and MysteriousBronie

  • Random Merch: Cards, Books, Art Sets, and More!

    I am not completely sure what Rainbow Cards are, but we have pony versions of them now!  They even axed Fluttershy's wings.  She was always meant to be an earth pony anyway.  Thanks to Rebecca for the image.

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH!

  • Poll Results: Who Makes the Meanest Desserts

    Looks like Pinkie Pie has won by a landslide. Makes since since she is the queen of parties! It'd be disappointing if she didn't win. I'm sure the Cakes would have been great here, but consider Pinkie their protege! Still, AJ can give Pinkie a run for her money. I'm a sucker for apple based treats.

    Time for a new poll! As Seth mentioned we are currently collecting votes on the name for JetBlue's new pony so go hit that up and cast your vote! An awesome pony like her really needs a name.
  • Jet Blue Recieves Jet Blue Pony!

    Jet Blue has been having a blast with us over on their Twitter Page, so much so that custom pony creator Eliza (Or omgwtflols) crafted this and sent it on over to them.   This has to be the most chill airline on the planet.  They tossed this email back in reply:
    Hi Eliza,

    Wow, what can I say? The pony is amazing! We’re also loving the artwork on the box!

    It’s been great to connect with you and the other MLP fans on Twitter. Since our team works from home most of the time, it’s going to be a couple weeks before we can get a group shot. For now the pony has a place of honor on a shelf, where it’ll be proudly displayed for everyone who comes into the office.

    The pony really is a mascot for us – it’s an outward expression of what our goal is as a team and as a company – which is to connect with our customers and build relationships.

    The pony has already brought many smiles and will bring many, many more.


    Pony makes everything cooler. 

    They sent over a list of names for their pony and want the community to decide on one! Hit that up on the poll over on the side bar. 

    And have another reference if you need something a bit more clear, courtesy of TetraPony: 

  • Custom Compilation #87

    Over the course of all these custom compilations, I don't think we've had one dedicated to fan fiction. You guys sure do like making Little Pip customs so this ones for you guys that love Fallout Equestria! I need to get around to reading that someday...

    Customs after the break guys! Check them out!

    Source 1
    FoE Little Pip G4 Custom Pony
  • Drawfriend Stuff #573

    Twilight looks pretty good in a robe! I wonder if ponies ever make use of wands or staves in general?
    Have some art. 

    Source 1

    (Fixed missing images, our uploader derped some!)
  • Story Updates September 22nd (Afternoon)

    Story updates! Charge!

  • Instrumental Music: Twilight Venture III / Wings of Change / Regret

    Changeling Twilight represent?

    Have some instrumental tracks. 

    1.) Twilight Venture III (Chill)
    2.) Wings Of Change (Trance)
    3.) [Ballad] Regret

  • Comic: Cloud Circuit Surprise / Books / Cannon

    Leave it to Pinkie Pie to come up with something like this and think it is practical. She has done some crazy stuff in the past though so maybe she's on to something.

    Comics everywhere! Click for full.

  • Story: Starry-Eyed Dreams (Complete!)

    [Normal] "This is a cute little story about how willpower and teamwork can make dreams come true. I admire this story's conciseness and purity of purpose; we could use more stories like this." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: LimeAttack
    Description: Twilight decides to take a break from her intense studying and appreciate the beauty of the magical night. Much later, that night's inspiration sends Rainbow Dash to her dreams. Ponies will go where their determination allows.
    Starry-Eyed Dreams (New - Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: dreams friendshipping space moon sentimentality
  • New Charity Album - Faithful and Strong

    Bronies for Good is moving on to yet another new charity album, this time titled "Faithful and Strong". The full album will be broadcast on Sunday at 11:00 AM on pretty much every radio station in the fandom coinciding with the official release for donations.

    Head on down past the break to check out their full press release!
  • More Welovefine Shirts and Bags!

    Welovefine has expanded yet again! It's almost a weekly process with these guys at this point.  We have a new Rainbow Dash back for those of you that aren't in the mood for a derpy one, as well as a whole bunch of new T-Shirt designs.  Head on down past the break to find them all, or hit up their pony section here
  • Moonstuck Part 3

    Technically Woona is more popular than canon Luna, so I guess you guys will be all over this one! Moonstuck has released it's third episode. Find it below!

  • Mystery Ponyville Image - Game or Fan Made Art? Plus a Bonus Image for fun!

    This one popped in to the inbox  a bit ago.  I haven't the slightest clue what exactly it is, though the emailer did point out that it could be from the upcoming Gameloft game.  Who knows right? If not, it's a pretty interesting view of Ponyville.  I'd play a game with these graphics.

    And while we are at it, have a mystery possible season 3 merchant image after the break!