• Jet Blue Recieves Jet Blue Pony!

    Jet Blue has been having a blast with us over on their Twitter Page, so much so that custom pony creator Eliza (Or omgwtflols) crafted this and sent it on over to them.   This has to be the most chill airline on the planet.  They tossed this email back in reply:
    Hi Eliza,

    Wow, what can I say? The pony is amazing! We’re also loving the artwork on the box!

    It’s been great to connect with you and the other MLP fans on Twitter. Since our team works from home most of the time, it’s going to be a couple weeks before we can get a group shot. For now the pony has a place of honor on a shelf, where it’ll be proudly displayed for everyone who comes into the office.

    The pony really is a mascot for us – it’s an outward expression of what our goal is as a team and as a company – which is to connect with our customers and build relationships.

    The pony has already brought many smiles and will bring many, many more.


    Pony makes everything cooler. 

    They sent over a list of names for their pony and want the community to decide on one! Hit that up on the poll over on the side bar. 

    And have another reference if you need something a bit more clear, courtesy of TetraPony: