• PMV: She Likes Clouds

    Clouds are awesome. I wish Arizona had more clouds.  Have some Rainbow Dash clouds after the break.

  • Vocal Music: Don't Say Goodbye / When Home's Lost / Beyond the Rainbow

    Hope you guys are in the mood for some soft vocal stuff, because we have a bunch of it. Pianos, acoustics, and sadness can be found below!

    1.) Don't Say Goodbye
    2.) When Home's Lost - By Joaftheloaf
    3.) Beyond the Rainbow - Jeff Burgess

  • MLP Comic #2 Synopsis and Covers

    The upcoming MLP Comic from IDW has some really neat new information, as well as covers released for their second issue.   A website called Graphic Policity released this synopsis:

    (After the break to avoid spoilers!)  

  • Madman Poster Contest Open for International Audience

    A few days ago, we dropped an article letting all you Australian bronies know about a contest Madman (the company producing the season box set down there) is running based on the posters listed above.  Last night they contacted us to let everyone know that a number of international participants will be eligible to win one one.

    Head on over to their page to join in! 

  • Instrumental Music: Colorful Sky / Beneath the Trenches / To the Moon! / Scratch Attack

    Quite a mix this time around! Everything from electronic to ambient is included.  Hit up the genres in parenthesis and go grab a song after the break!

    1.) Colorful Sky Ft. Leafrunner (Drums and Bass)
    2.) Resonantwaves - Beneath the Trenches (Ambient)
    3.) To the Moon! (Jazz)
    4.) Scratch Attack (Electronic)

  • Story: His Heart Too Full For Words

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: I_Post_Ponies
    Description: Just now recovering from an aggressive disease, spending too long in a hospital takes more than time from one particular pony. He'll need help to get his spirit back, and finds it in a most unexpected place...
    Slice of Life

    Additional Tags: mellow, music, pony overcomes dilemma

  • Turnabout Storm: The Other Side - Episode 3

    The Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Friendship is Magic spinoff has released it's third installment!

    Join the greatest and most powerful third person obnoxious unicorn as she teams up with Miles Edgeworth to solve the world's mysteries.

    After the break of course. 

  • Comic: Twilight Rage / Time Split / The List

    I certainly know the feel Twilight. Sometimes you just have to do something to let out that frustration! It can't be easy being a pony all the time.

    Comics guys! Click for full.

  • Charity Megapost, September 17

    Ah, Miss Hooves, come to deliver us our latest batch of charitable causes. Yes, it's time once again to reach out to those in need of help and help this world to be a better place in the name of adorable pastel equines (or just being nice). Charity never sleeps, and when she does she power naps instead.

    Below our good friend the page break, we have information and an update on Karine/Goddessofthenight's fight against cancer, some more wonderful ways to support the awesome little girl named Kiki, as well as some super cool news from the Reddit "Benders vs Bronies" charity contest, which concluded with stupendous results.

    As always, remember that charity doesn't mean putting yourself in a bad position, nor does it mean you can't get anything out of it. Donate to a cause only if you can afford the expense and you feel like it's worthwhile. And for the record? If you just want to buy a glow in the dark Zecora from someone who needs the money, that's ok too. It all goes to the same end.

    Thank you all, and have a wonderful day.
  • Hot Topic Daily Derpy Givaway

    Hot Topic is giving away one Derpy a day over on their Facebook page.  Considering she is a Comic Con exclusive, which usually turns into a collectable by default, this may be your last chance at one outside of Ebay.

    Head on over here to enter!

    Thanks to Veze for the heads up! 
  • Story Updates September 17th (Afternoon)

    Ponies Ponies Ponies Stories.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #568

    Derpy could take on those wolves easy!  They don't even look dangerous.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Derpy's and Carrot Top's journey - Part 4
  • UBCP/ACTRA Awards Announces a Bunch of Pony VA's

    Over in Canada, the UBCP  ("Union of British Colombian Performers) has released the nominees for best voice actor.  Among the listing you will find:

    Trevor Devall – My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic
    Andrea Libman – My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic
    Tabitha St Germain – My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic

    These popped in a sea of 130 hopefuls, and it now moves on to committee to determine the best of the best.    Hit up these guys on Twitter with your support!  Lets hope they win!
  • Weekly Media Roundup 9/12-9/16

    It seems like just yesterday I was making last week's roundup. Time is going by way too quickly!

    Saberspark has compiled up the media for the 9-12 to 9-16 time frame. Check out the video below!

  • Friendship is Magic Wins the Tubey Awards for Best Animation

    It looks like ponies completely dominated the competition this time around! Friendship is Magic has won the Tubey Awards for best animated show!

    The washington post has already released an article on it.

    I don't think we ever doubted it, though we have seen it disqualified so much after a surge of votes I guess it's kind of refreshing to see it actually work out for once!

    You can find it's celebratory page here, though you will need to click "next" a few times to get to the actual page.
  • Belgian and Norwegian Publications Report on Pony

    A couple of new articles have popped up over in Eurpoe dedicated to our crazy little ponies.

     Galacon ended up with one in the business paper known as Dagens Naeringsliv.  Apparently it coveres a whole bunch of aspects of the convention.  Sadly we still need a translation on that one.  You can give Google Translate a shot though while we wait!  (I don't know if "A whiff of sweat and puberty are thick as porridge." is actually intended though!)

    And over in Belgian, a magazine called Citta tossed a small report togeather.  Luckily we can skip google with that one! The translation can be found here or after the break courtesy of Count Doofus.

  • Vocal Music: My Cadence

    It's not often we get duets like this! Cadance and Shining Armor definitely give us a good excuse for them though. 

    Anyway, have some awesome acoustic vocal stuff after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #441

    Luna Vs Ducks edition

    Also GIGANTIC CAKE.  Like, quadruple diabetes level cake.  It's huge. 

    Have some roundup.

  • Double Rainboom Promo #3

    The third promo showing off the various artists on the Double Rainboom project has been released! Check out Twilight Sparkle running away from spiders and Rainbow Dash being ridiculous after the break, animation style!