• Charity Megapost, September 17

    Ah, Miss Hooves, come to deliver us our latest batch of charitable causes. Yes, it's time once again to reach out to those in need of help and help this world to be a better place in the name of adorable pastel equines (or just being nice). Charity never sleeps, and when she does she power naps instead.

    Below our good friend the page break, we have information and an update on Karine/Goddessofthenight's fight against cancer, some more wonderful ways to support the awesome little girl named Kiki, as well as some super cool news from the Reddit "Benders vs Bronies" charity contest, which concluded with stupendous results.

    As always, remember that charity doesn't mean putting yourself in a bad position, nor does it mean you can't get anything out of it. Donate to a cause only if you can afford the expense and you feel like it's worthwhile. And for the record? If you just want to buy a glow in the dark Zecora from someone who needs the money, that's ok too. It all goes to the same end.

    Thank you all, and have a wonderful day.

    eBay Auctions Help an Artist Fight Cancer

    Previously on EqD we showed you an artist named Karine who was struggling to find ways to pay for cancer treatment and linked to an indiegogo page doing some fundraising work. Unfortunately, due to the way that site works that solution become untenable to the problem at hand. But that doesn't leave Karine in any less need of help. She's currently selling some hard to get pony toys, and making a special offer for collectors: since she lives in Belgium, she has easy access to a lot of toys that we don't Stateside. So if there's a particular pony or blindbag you've always wanted, she can help secure it for you in exchange for a couple of bucks tossed into the pot. Here's a list of current auctions:

    Zecora - Exclusive toy (donated for this charity)

    Princess Luna - Big Version

    Princess Luna - Small version

    Art - Kiss of a Mermaid - small posters

    Geek Chic Cosmetics Sells Lipstick to Benefit Kiki

    I'm sure most of you are familiar with Kiki's story by this point. She's been Tara's personal cause and rallying point for some time now, and Geek Chic Cosmetics is stepping up to throw their hat in the ring to help out. From now until October 15th, they'll be donating half of the proceeds from every purchase of their My Little Pwny line of lipstick (meaning $3 a tube goes to help Kiki).

    Now, I realize that most of you reading this are guys and probably not very keen on making your lips all pretty and purple, but you probably know at least one girl who would appreciate the gesture. Give it to a girlfriend or a sister or a lab partner or whoever. Heck, give it to the cashier at your local grocery store, I don't care. Just don't toss up your hands and go, "But I'm a dude!"

    Benders vs Bronies Charity Contest Concludes!

    Just gonna go ahead and turn this one over to the writeup that was sent in to us. Awesome stuff and links galore!

    The Reddit brony community, /r/mylittlepony recently concluded their competition against the Avatar: The Last Airbender Reddit community. The competition consisted of three different portions: World Community Grid, art, and Charity.

    A detailed summary of the contest can be found here:  http://www.reddit.com/r/mylittlepony/comments/100178/benders_vs_bronies_final_results/ 

    Follows is a shortened summary.

    World Community Grid is an program people can install on their computers that uses their idle processing power to perform tasks to help with projects like cancer research. This saves research institutions from having to invest in super computers as all participants form a huge computing cluster. In the end, the bronies contributed 124 years of computing power, and the benders 23 years, for a combined total of 147 years.

    The art portion consisted of people from each group creating art and having it judged by the Reddit admins to select which artist of the winning subreddit would design the new, temporary Reddit logo that will feature the winning subreddit for a day. 
    Here is the winning brony art submission: http://i.imgur.com/9T9Bn.png
    All of the brony art entries can be viewed here: http://rmlp.pathogenstudios.com/bvbart/

    Additionally, here is the winning bender submission: http://i.imgur.com/b8zBp.png

    The benders won the art category overall.

    The charity portion involved both subreddits donating to selected charities. People who donated certain amounts were entered to win certain prizes. (Individual winners have not been announced yet.)
    /r/mylittlepony, who donated to Doctors Without Borders, raised a total of $25299.00
    /r/thelastairbender, who donated to Engineers Without Borders, raised a total of $8,065.42
    Coming to a grand total of $33364.42 for both charities.

    Details on each segment of the competition can be found at the following links: