• Comic: Emptied Your Fridge / By the way, Love the Eyepatch / Wild Memories

    Carrot Top is a pony of infinite patience it seems. Despite food stolen, garden ruined, and being dragged into all sorts of shenanigans by Derpy she just grins and bears it. Let's hope she just doesn't snap one day!

    Comics on the horizon! Click for full!

  • Plushie Compilation #83

    I can't believe how close the winter months are. Soon enough I'm going to have to get bundled up like Twilight so I don't freeze to death. At least Autumn comes first and I'll get to see all the beautiful colors on the trees around here.

    Huggable plush ponies coming your way! Check them all out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Story: ACT OF WILL


    Author: Present Perfect
    Description: A mysterious machine appears in Ponyville. At first, it's a curiosity. After its purpose is discovered, however, it quickly becomes a menace and Twilight must figure out a way to destroy it before peaceful Ponyville is torn apart at the seams.

    A crossover with Machine of Death intended for readers unfamiliar with the novel.

    Additional Tags: Death, Life, Paranoia, Social decay
  • Discussion: What Celebrity/Voice Actor Do You Want to Make a Cameo Appearence?

    Hasbro has once again dropped a blank check in your lap and asked you to hire someone for a celebrity cameo.  It seems their pre-teen audience needs a bit of a boost, and the best way to do it is via Hollywood! Luckily outside of their slight nudge toward pop idols, they are giving you full control over the decision.  Being the intelligent pony lover that you are, you quickly shred the Justin Beiber contact card they taped to the back of the check, and start brainstorming. 

    So which celebrity cameo would you like to see? It can be as major as dropping a couple hundred thousand on Morgon Freeman, or grabbing one of the voice actors out there from your favorite video game.   The choice is yours!

    Hit up the comments with it. 
  • EQD Improvement Post Followup

    A few days ago I ran a post asking for your feedback on what to improve and add to EQD.   I replied to a bunch of people on the first few pages if you wanted to dig around in there, but this will hopefully cover some of the major points.  Buried in the usual EQD comment silliness were quite a few awesome ideas and recommendations that I'm glad you all brought up!

    Head on down past the break for a semi-FAQ / synopsis of what we want to work on based on your feedback!
  • Music: Faithful and Strong / Autumn is here / Into the Forest

    Silly Pinkie Pie, that isn't a trumpet.

    Ska? This fandom needs more Ska!  Find that in the first slot!

    We also have a bit of soft electronic in the second spot, and some ambience in the third. Check them all out below!

    1.) Faithful and Strong
    2.) TheMalenEst Ft. TecPon3 - Autumn is here
    3.) DongleKumquat - Into the Forest

  • Las Pegasus Unicon Opens - Announces Tara, Amy, and Daniel Ingram!

    Another convention has popped up at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  With a date of February 22-24th, it looks like West coasters might have something to do in the early months of 2013.

    And in typical Vegas style, they have opened up with confirmations on Tara Strong, Daniel Ingram, and Amy Keating Rogers as guests, with Meghan McCarthy still waiting for agent level confirmation.  

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in attending,  head on down past the break for the full press release!

  • Poll Results: Are You Involved in Conventions at All?

    Looks like you guys need to get going to some conventions! There are only a million of them coming up. The more you support them, the bigger they can grow.  It's really up to you guys to make it happen!

    Onward to the next one: Best royal pony.  Find it on the side bar.

    Feel free to drop recommendations for future polls in the comments!
  • Build-A-Bear Survey Includes Friendship is Magic

    Build-A-Bear is running a survey on both kids below the age of 12, and parents with kids below the age of 12.  For those that aren't aware of what exactly this company does, it's essentially a "build your own" plushie shop that can be found in various malls and standalone retail locations around the world. 

    You have to be a bit sneaky to get the MLP section.  First off choose any age range above the 13-17 section, and click the box that says you have children under 12.  This will give a few more questions.  choose pony as the favorite, and eventually this will pop up:

    I don't know if their market research really wants anything to do with us, but it's a neat prospect for those of you out there with kids.  Now go pick your kid's favorites

    Thanks to the army of people that sent it. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #566

    Hoof massage edition.  Sounds painful to be honest.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    A little to the left
  • Story Updates September 15th (Morning)

    Ponies around the world! Read about them!

  • Vocal Music: Ballad of the Faithful Student / Stellar Collision / The Daring Thing To Do

    We have some rap, a bit of electronic rock, and finish with some Daring Do! Check them all out below!

    1.) Steven, A.D. - Ballad of the Faithful Student
    2.) Midwives Of Discord - Stellar Collision feat. Zeeraw
    3.) The Daring Thing To Do (Original Song) {Daring Do}

  • PMV: Ponies / Next To You / On Top Of The World

    PMV's for your PMV brain to wrap itself around.  Check them out below!

    1.) [PMV] Ponies - I Bring Da LULZ
    2.) Next To You
    3.) [PMV] On Top Of The World

  • My Little Karaoke, Singing is Magic - Trailer

    I actually saw some people playing this one at Everfree Northwest.  It looks like you can finally have a computer tell you how badly you are singing pony music.  This is pretty much the same thing as Singstar for those that have tried that game out before.   Check out their release trailer below the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #439

    Well, Sweetie Belle is what you wanted so Sweetie Belle is what you get! She even brought toast! Isn't she nice!

    News time guys! Check after the break.

    Update: Thanks to Rarity mentioning cake, it reminded me of an event been wondering about for awhile. Would you guys be interested in a baking event of some sort? Tell me what you think in the comments!