• Build-A-Bear Survey Includes Friendship is Magic

    Build-A-Bear is running a survey on both kids below the age of 12, and parents with kids below the age of 12.  For those that aren't aware of what exactly this company does, it's essentially a "build your own" plushie shop that can be found in various malls and standalone retail locations around the world. 

    You have to be a bit sneaky to get the MLP section.  First off choose any age range above the 13-17 section, and click the box that says you have children under 12.  This will give a few more questions.  choose pony as the favorite, and eventually this will pop up:

    I don't know if their market research really wants anything to do with us, but it's a neat prospect for those of you out there with kids.  Now go pick your kid's favorites

    Thanks to the army of people that sent it.