• Tumblr Spotlight: Gilda Replies

    I know there are a few Gilda lovers out there so how about a Gilda tumblr for your very own to follow? Gilda Replies uses the griffon's usual rather mean spirited attitude and sarcasm to great effect, making for a rather fun and humorous experience! Wonderfully drawn with quite a bit of animation thrown in for good measure, it's a tumblr worth following. It may not update as often as other tumblrs, but when it does the entries prove themselves to be well worth the wait!

    Warning: The tumblr does occasionally have some harsh language and other mature themes. Nothing not safe for work though.

    Gilda Replies - Current Page - First Page

    As always, send any suggestions for tumblr's to spotlight to either calpain@equestriadaily.com or my Twitter: @CalpaindEqD
  • Saturday's Panel Recordings

    We have a couple more recordings for those of you that missed the panels today! Have a list.

    Who's Line is it Anypony? 
    VA Panel
    My Little Investigations Panel

    The Charity auction should be up in a bit! We will add it to the post when it's available.
  • Equestria Daily: The Game II + EQD Panel Recap

    This is the video Cereal showed off at the EQD panel (which was way more popular than we ever imagined and all of you rock for filling it up like that, not to mention the TRIXIE).

    Watch above as Cereal deals with the ARMADA OF EMAILS his way!

    Sadly we didn't get the panel recorded, because the recording equipment wasn't available for our time slot.  It was fun though! 
  • John Joseco's Drawing Hits $2000 at Charity Auction

    There were some amazing sales at the charity auction, but this one looks to have shaken the very foundation of brony convention auctioning.  The poster in the image above linked on Andrea Libman's Twitter page dropped for a whopping 2000 bucks! Apparently it beat officially signed concept art of both Nightmare Moon and Gilda.  I don't think John Joseco can get any higher on the awesome meter as is, but we might need to add a few more rungs to make room for him before it explodes. 
  • Comic: Campfire Stories / Room for One More / Going Down

    The girls bring up a good point, there were some inconsistencies in that episode. But hey, if you overanalyze things you suck the fun out of them real fast and we don't want to suck the fun out of ponies, do we?

    Comic time once again! Click for full!

  • Random Merch: CAKE, Posters, Magnets, and More!

    CAKE? Also merch! We have a whole bunch of stuff this time around.  This one in particular was at a Mariposa Market.  Thanks to Gabriel for the heads up!

    Onward to more random official merch!
  • Flash: Fezzes R Magic / Pinkie and the Last Peanut

    All the Doctor Whooves stuff out there has really gotten me interested in the show. It might be something nice to watch one of these days. Besides, look how good he looks in a fez! Worth watching just for that!

    Also, we've got some random Pinkie Pie humor for you today to chew over. Somehow she does make for a rather good Homer Simpson.

    Click to watch!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #537

    Why does Chrysalis and her changelings get such amazing art? I'm actually hoping we run into them again someday or at least get to see their civilization. That would be incredibly cool!

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Changeling Behemoths

  • Hi from EverfreeNW

    We're here at EverfreeNW at the EqD panel! This is a post!

  • Comic: Princess Luna's Birthday / Mountainside Monologue Pt 2 / Discordantly

    When the royal sisters aren't keeping up appearance to the rest of Equestria I'm sure they are rather fun loving spirits. Ugh, we need just a Celestia and Luna episode to flesh them both out some.

    My move is complete so have some comics guys. Click for full.

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
    Part 1 Part 2

  • Derpy Invades Celestia's Butt!

    Are you guys ready for a plot twist? Or maybe a plot hole. If scrunchy butts are your thing, you might want to check this out. An astute observer noted that a (probably very bored) graphic artist has snuck our favorite background pony into the flank of our favorite princess. If you read that sentence and thought to yourself, "but I like Luna better!", you're wrong. 

    I was too tired, so Cereal wrote that.   Thanks to Katie for the heads up!

  • Bronycon Documentary Teasers

    Bronypalooza and Tara Strong trollan have been released as teasers over at the Bronycon Documentary Kickstarter page.  You can finally snag a taste at the kind of quality we can expect on it. 

    Find Bronypalooza here, and Tara Strong's video here!
  • Canterlot Gardens Announces Michelle Creber, Britt McKillip, Badge Pricing and More!

    These conventions just keep getting more and more exciting! And this one is now only a short drive away now that I'm actually down here in Ohio! Canterlot Gardens has some more news for you all so make sure to catch all the exciting announcements after the break.

  • Look a Moose!

    Because Nicole Oliver demanded it. Oh look! A moose!
  • Story: W.O.M.P.


    Author: Josh Meihaus
    Description: Twilight Sparkle knows better than anypony that an exam is serious business, particularly when the exam in question a final exam. Particularly-er when that final exam determines whether she graduates from the Canterlot School For Gifted Unicorns. But exams aren't always fun. Or normal. Or non-homicidal.

    Additional Tags: Exams, H.A.T.E.R., Acronyms and Insanity
  • Music Remix: I Wasn't Prepared for This Rock! / Big Brother Best Friend Forever - Orchestral Arrangement / Find A Pet Clanker

    Rock version of I wasn't prepared, followed by Big Brother Best Friend Forever orchestral, and finishing off with some Find a pet combined with Banjo and Kazooie!

    1.) I Wasn't Prepared for This Rock!
    2.) Big Brother Best Friend Forever - Orchestral Arrangement
    3.) Delta Brony - Find A Pet Clanker

  • Instrumental Music: What must be done / Sonic Breakbeat - The Party / Weak and Helpless / Time and Space and Derp

    Istrumentals! Yarrr

    1.) What must be done - Taps (Trance)
    2.) Sonic Breakbeat - The Party (Part II) (Samples / Dance)
    3.) DJ MHM - Weak and Helpless (Dubstep)
    4.) Time and Space and Derp [Original] (Guitar)

  • Story: Pink Dream


    Author: ninestemptest
    Description: In hopes of breaking her normal routine, Twilight decides to make an effort to get away from her books and spend as much time with her friends as possible, dedicating one whole day to each of them.

    Though nothing is as it seems. While spending a day with Bubble Berry, she receives a letter from Princess Celestia informing her that something sinister and magical is afoot in Ponyville, causing that day to be repeated. But with Bubble Berry asking her out on a date that very same day, Twilight may not have time to find the source of the anomaly while she comes to terms with the feelings developing between herself and one of her closest friends.
    Pink Dream

    Additional Tags: R63, Date, Perfection, Reconsidering feelings
  • Yesterdays Panel Recordings and a bit More!

    yaaaay Pinkie Pie!
    As is the norm for 8 in the morning, have some youtube links of streams from yesterday before we head out for waffles!

    Dusty Katt Interviews Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews
    Friendship is Witchcraft Panel
    Art of the Song Panel

    And if you want to continue watching today:
    Convention Livestream

  • Epic Pony Battle of History- Queen Chrysalis vs. Discord

    So, this discord... It sounds like they straight up grabbed John de Lancie for the role here. We are all sitting in a hotel room amazed at it.
  • Nightly Roundup #411

    It's been one of those nights. The kind of night where all I really want to do is draw a nice hot bath, pick up a crappy book and just... huh? What? Oh right. The Nightly Roundup. Th-that's ok. The water would just make me pruny anyway, and I'd probably drop the book or something. Yeah. Round Upping is the best. You get to wonder whether or not it's Round Upping or Rounding Up, and people read the news and they laugh and dance around you and pull you into a warm embra-- that doesn't happen either? Awwww, man. One of these days I will be Princess of the Blog again, and then all of my romantic fantasies will come true. If only for a day? Can you imagine it, dear readers?

    Well, for tonight, you may have some news.

  • Story Updates August 18th (Morning)

    So, this convention is way more time consuming than Bronycon, but also much more people filled

    Luckily we didn't get a whole lot of story updates, so have three!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 17

    Sometimes when you're out, a million little things will go wrong. Your reservations will be cancelled, you can't find your wallet, maybe everypony is on fire. But then none of it winds up mattering, because you look across the table and there in that one perfect moment you see 418 ponies staring straight back at you. And they hold up their calendars and their dates, and their cardboard cutouts of Akira Date, and you realize for the first time just how strange your relationship is. But it's ok, because I love you. There, I said it. And what I love most especially is what you're capable of. Which is exactly this: 11143 total images!

    To submit for Day 17, head here. Remember that our make-up gallery is still active, as well. Some of you are being silly and submitting entries to the make-up gallery that fit the currently active theme. Remember to check what the daily theme is before defaulting to the make-up submitter! And as always, feel free to drop me a line at phoe@equestriadaily.com. I promise to do my best to keep up with you and answer as many questions as I can.

    Onto today's theme. We're dead in the middle of August and for many of you school is either getting back into the swing of things or just about to start. Maybe you've got a job on top of everything. But even though it's tough, I know you can perservere and Draw a pony under pressure/Draw a pony feeling the heat. Maybe it'd be a good idea to go swimming? Mmmm, pony bikinis.

    The gallery du jour is plenty hot itself, you might say. Well, you tell me, Mi Amore! Cadenza? Sure, let's roll with it, she's in there a ton. Overall this is a pretty shippy gallery, but plenty of you went the way of the supermarket or outlet mall, and a few more of you went a more... artsy direction. See what I'm talking about inside, because believe you me, it's well worth the time to check everything out. Eeeeheeee!