• Nightly Roundup #411

    It's been one of those nights. The kind of night where all I really want to do is draw a nice hot bath, pick up a crappy book and just... huh? What? Oh right. The Nightly Roundup. Th-that's ok. The water would just make me pruny anyway, and I'd probably drop the book or something. Yeah. Round Upping is the best. You get to wonder whether or not it's Round Upping or Rounding Up, and people read the news and they laugh and dance around you and pull you into a warm embra-- that doesn't happen either? Awwww, man. One of these days I will be Princess of the Blog again, and then all of my romantic fantasies will come true. If only for a day? Can you imagine it, dear readers?

    Well, for tonight, you may have some news.

    Insantiy Reigns Supreme as Bizarrely Addictive Video Becomes News Item

    What else is there to say? Dance!

    John de Lancie Rocks The Magic Flute, Bronies Celebrate and Get Rewarded With Signatures

    As part of his quest to prove the sheer scope of the sphere of influence Bronies possess as a group, John de Lancie called for all available fans to attend his narration of The Magic Flute at Ravinia Music Festival, in exchange for free signatures. He found quite a group waiting for him, and was true to his word. Check it out for yourself:

    Filly Gamez to Appear on The Brony Show, Debate the Proper Filly Spelling of Games

    Filly Games will be on the Brony Show Monday the 20th around 9 p.m eastern. for a live interview. Both Writers Block and Raishy "Dash" will be there answering questions about the game, and discussing all things "Welcome to Ponyville" related. Even better than that, they have prepared a special trailer to address the biggest question of all. When is the release date? So, tune in on Monday and join in the fun. If there's a particular question you want answered, head over to their website and ask away! www.FillyGamez.com

    Derpy Cake Celebrates Philipine Brony Convention, Wows An Arbitrary Number of People

    Hope those of you attending the PH Bronies Anniversary Convention are having fun!

    Sethisto Approves More Silly Videos For Roundups: Phoe Swears Revenge!

    It's hard enough finding a balance between ridiculous and informative headlines without having to make up an entire narrative. Go. Click. Laugh. I command you!

    My Little Pony Laser Collection Video Discovered Frozen in Glacier

    It seems we missed the boat on this one. Perhaps it will amuse you.

    Australian Bronies to Hold Kickass Party for International Visitors Coming to See Lunar Eclipse

    If you're a brony and on your way down under (or maybe you already live there, you might want to check this Facebook posting out. You'll have a chance to celebrate Luna in style and have a certifiable brony meetup while you're at it. What could be better?

    Nightly Roundup Sets Record for Least News Items in a Non-Strike Season

    According to Stats, LLC, no Nightly Roundup not shortened by a work stoppage has contained so few news items. Speculation abounds as to whether or not the collective brony world is saving up all of their cool stuff for Everfree Northwest, or if this is merely a statistical outlier. Advanced Ponymetrics such as BAPIP (Batting Average Against Ponies in Play) and Pythagorean Pinkie Theory suggest a strong bounce back at the start of the next season. For the latest updates in Fake Pony Sports News, stay tuned to EqDSPN.

    I know that you're out there and I'm waiting for you~

    *sounds of humming*

    *sounds of splashing water*

    ...What are you doing in here? Get out get out get oouuuuuut! Eeeeeeeek!