• Pony Marathon at 9:00 AM on the Hub

    The Hub is running yet another pony marathon in the morning (7:00 AM Pacific to be exact).  The entire duration will last until 11:30 AM, which is a lot of pony. Can you handle that much pony? I think you can. 

    Sadly Dish Network's free Hub has ended.  Maybe some of you liked what you saw and subbed for season 3 though?
  • Vinul Scratch Tapes Episode 4 + Season 2 Recruitment!

    Apparently we never posted this outside of that livestream announcement, so for those that missed that, have it now instead after the break! They also have a few new announcements for you all, including:
    • The Vinyl Scratch Tapes Season 2 Auditions are open! 
    • The Winners of the design contest that we hosted a while back
    • We will be at Brony Fan Fair in Austin Texas September 8th & 9th
    • We have started 2 new productions! Pony Swap and News Ponies
    Hope you guys are ready for more shenanigans! 

  • National Pony Writing Month Week 2 Pep Talk!

    Noble Cause returns once again to enlighten you all with his week two pep talk! Can you handle the pony writing?  I know I'd struggle with it!  I wonder if I've written a novel worth of "awesomes" and "crazys" since I started EQD?

    Anyway, check his info out after the break!

  • Behind the Scenes at EQD

  • Vocal Music: Goodbye, Sweetie Belle.../ Somewhere over Cloudsdale / Equestria Dude - Trix

    Celestia is so metal~ 

    We have a soft Sweetie Belle and Rarity song, followed by a parody of Somewhere over the Rainbow, and finish with some rock! Check them out below!

    1.) Goodbye, Sweetie Belle... [feat. Feather]
    2.) Somewhere over Cloudsdale (What an Equestrian World) Pony Parody
    3.) Equestria Dude - Trix

  • Untitled

  • Flash: Twilight Sparkle Learns Fire Fighting / Wily Invades Equestria

    It's a short one, but Twilight Sparkle's superior fire magic mastery is sure to entertain!  I'm thinking those gigantic death rays she usually uses might be a bit more effective though if practiced on!

    Oh, and have some Wily Invades Equestria too, just cause. 

    Actually, have a comic animation too! I forgot to post this one.

  • Comic: Element of Generosity / Five More Minutes / Well Played Derpy

    Rarity really is quite the generous one. I blame Cereal for making me like her so much! Maybe the Roundup comments are right, maybe I haven't settled on favorite pony yet?

    Anyhow, questions about favorite pony can come later. Have some comics! Click for full as always.

  • Smile Smile Smile Literal Version

    You all loved the literal version of Becoming Popular so much, she created another! Check it out below.

  • Fighting is Magic BSU #10 - Rainbow Dash Theme

    Mane 6 has set loose their 10th bite sized update, this time showing off Rainbow Dash's theme.  Needless to say, it's awesome.   Check out the update here, and the song after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #534

    Simply Twilight Sparkle.  I like that title.

    Are seems to be rampin up lately. You guys is crazy.

    Have some!

    Source 1
    Twilight Sparkle
  • Galacon Submits Now Closed!

    Trixie tries to look cool, but she can't handle all these submissions 
    Holy ponies you guys sent a lot of stuff over from that request the other day. The folder I'm using to store them in has 30 emails already filled with pictures and videos. I think we are good for now! Expect an article in a day or two.   Thanks to everyone that submit!
  • Fluttershy Promo Announced for Everfree Northwest

    You guys may have picked up on the promo cards Enterplay keeps releasing at specific conventions.  Yes, that Rainbow Dash is listed at $300, and yes, she does in fact sell for that and more.   It looks like Fluttershy is their third one, and planned for release at Everfree Northwest.    Each person is allowed one per badge, so be sure to pick one up at the Enterplay booth!

    And in other card related news, Toywiz currently has the official binder up for pre-order as well.  Check that out here!

  • New Lunar Republic Invades Civilization!

    Luna has joined her sister Celestia in the battle for world domination! (at least the way I play the game involves world domination...)

    It looks like her racial benefits primarily focus on the surrounding oceans and lakes, so you may want to run a map that can take advantage of that if you plan on playing her!  Check out the workshop page here.

    Now we just need a Discord race dedicated to WAR, so I can really enjoy the pony!
  • Zecora Pre-Order Delays!

    It looks like a whole bunch of pre-ordered Zecoras are being hit with delays.  A few people have reported with similiar messages, including a bunch over on MLP Arena.   Either she was way more popular than they expected (which I would expect considering the incredibly limited amount at Comic Con and how quickly she was sold out), or the shipment from China ended up getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle,  Either way, it looks like she might be a bit more difficult to acquire for the time being. 

    In other news, some Toys R' Us are still slowly releasing her.  Be sure to call beforehand before you head on over to one, but that might be your best bet if you want one in a timely manner!
  • Contest For Comic Con Derpy at Hot Topic

    It looks like Hot Topic has a contest going for a chance to win the Derpy Hooves figurine found at Comic Con.  The person that sent it over (Justin) said they were "getting ready to launch it" so it may not be up yet! You might want to call before you head on over to your local one. 

    I wonder if we will ever see another widely available release of her? Or any other variations?
  • Welovefine Daily Deals are Pony Shirts All Week

    This week until Sunday, all of Welovefine's daily deals will be pony shirts.  This usually means a pretty much chunk off the overall price.   It looks like Dr. Adorable is the current one!

    They also have just a few days left on voting for the favorite pony contests.  Hit up their main page for everything!

  • Behind You

    You look... tired.

    Maybe you should sleep? 
  • Story Updates August 15th (Morning)


    Have some updates.
  • Nightly Roundup #408

    Ever since playing To the Moon I've been on a Luna kick... again. Check out the game! It may not be pony, but it sure was one heck of a game.

    Now on to something more pony: the news! Check it out after the break.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 14

    Tiny Twilight teaches us science and facts. Eeehee, look at her in there. Don't worry, she has air holes. I checked. I'm feeling atrociously sick tonight, so please forgive me if I skip the usual theatrics and cheer leading in favor of just telling you tonight's gallery features 485 ponies, bringing our grand total up to 9862 images. I promise I'll throw an extra 89% enthusiasm into my next post to make up for this one. 

    Images for Day 14 should be sent here. You can contact me at phoe@equestriadaily.com if you need something, and I promise I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, tomorrow also marks the opening of our make-up gallery in addition to the daily theme, so keep your late submissions at the ready.

    Today's theme is about concept development and world building. It's a wide wide world in Equestria, so Draw a Pony Traveling/Draw an exotic pony. Just remember that even if you don't feel like you have the best and most original idea in the world, it's still a good one because it came from you. Yes, I am aware of how cheesy that sounded. Yes, I still mean it.

    Lastly, find our gallery of important leader-type ponies here. Like all of our previous galleries, I am impressed by the scope of the ideas presented within. But also, look closely in there at just how much the overall quality is starting to rise. We're about halfway there, and you guys are showing incredible progress and potential. Keep it up!